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Dec 12, 2008

This week we're joined by Cooter once again as we drift through a lovely blend of stories, from a purported cure for AIDS to a breakthrough in time travel. Of course, it's never all serious with us so you'll get a dash of monster discussion and a rather necessary needed addition to the Ice Pirates DVD. Beware the space herpe and enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

over eleven years ago

Gotta say, In my previous post I was a little unsure of Cooter fitting in as a third member of the team, but with this episode I feel the dynamic has indeed found its feet. Well done sirs!!!

Fieldy (Aus)
over eleven years ago

Are you guys going to do a body politic part 2?
The first one was great.

I looked like a bit of a tit on the train when I was giggling my ass off.

Technology sans frontiers
over eleven years ago

Enjoyed your talk about viruses - I\'m a retired virus writer and you made some good points. If it can be infected it will be, I used to delight in writing malware for microsoft office platforms before or on the day of release and forwarding them to the antivirus companies,nailing new hardware and software the second I could afford a test rig.

Nowadays for viruses in the wild we are left with criminals - the art has gone, the fun has abandoned the scene purely under the weight of malware being written for profit - instead of the poems we would leave, the mp3\'s we\'d scramble or the porn we\'d hide now your credit card is stolen and your bank account emptied. There are no more worms carrying birthday greetings to hot girls or macro viruses replacing the word \"regards\" with \"fuck you\" in your office dictionary.

I truly hope the first cellphone malwares are designed by pranksters as the world needs a good joke now and then - even if it\'s just something like connecting tens of thousands of lines into a giant party line randomly or sms messaging \"I love you\" to someone elses entire address book.

Love the show guys, keep it up. Lets make the future weird!