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Feb 13, 2008

This week I'm on my own, so be forewarned. No real overall topic, just a near hour long mix of things bouncing around the empty cavern of my skull. Politics, the Terminator TV series and Godzilla....yes, these all belong together don't they? Egon said it best: "Short, but pointless."

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab

almost twelve years ago

Just heard the show Joe. Awesome title first off. I always thought it was funny how you hated to do shows on your on, because you do them so well. I apologize to the listeners for not being able to get a show out but I\'m trapped on a mountain in New Hampshire with a trickle of internet at my control. Good on Joe for keeping the fight up, two weeks without a nightmare would be too long in my mind. Otherwise, salutations from a snowy mountain frozen in the north, and may our next president think twice before he shoots. That also goes for our next vice president.

almost twelve years ago

great show. I like the Joe only shows, but I wish there was some kind of hint in the title(i.e. Crystal Shoulders(Joe solo)), I just click update on Wednesday. Totally nitpicky, but that would be cool because I\'m in a totally different mindset for the Joe+Lando and the Joe solo shows. Also you have to make Lando show for one week. I\'m really interested to hear him bloviate. lol lando should just write a show and have a computer voice read it a la Radiohead.

I was really interested to hear your commentary on the Terminator series. I really wanted to watch it for reasons I know not (based on the quality of T3, it could with most of my logical faculties only be crap). There is so much like they can do with this series. I would really like some kind of \'sliders\'/Quantum Leap/Kingdom Come esque series where they could explore all the different implications of the different movies rather than whatever crap they are doing now. I too would also like a John Connor: War Journal show. It would be cool to have little miniseries, like he gets cloned and also becomes leader of the robots. How badass would that be? And they could do it like Kingdom Come and have like Quentin Tarantino arch, a Michael Bay arch, a J.J. Abrams arch. It would be the best of both worlds....but yeah I\'m just armchair...directing? I don\'t know.

almost twelve years ago

I agree that Obama would bolster world opinion of the US and cause many nations to take a fresh approach. I like the guy. He has the power to motivate which is what the peeps need right now.

McCain has crystal shoulders and I would want him on my side during a global conflict. I wanted him for prez in 2000. Either way I am pleased.

As a kid I remember seeing the miniature model cities destroyed and thinking - \"dang\" - \"all that work to put it together, the rubber suit monster steps on it - and it\'s DUST!\" (But maybe that\'s just sappy terminator bullshit...)

Enjoyed the mini-show.