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Jan 23, 2008

This week Lando and I are starting out talking about Scientology, which seems to be popping up in the news a lot lately. Is this really a religion, or simply a cult with a better bank account? After that, we're taking stock of the recent MacWorld Expo, where the big announcement was the slender MacBook Air. The two of us will examine this newest laptop addition to the Apple fleet, as well as the other big announcements of the show. Is the new crop of Cupertino specials worth raving about, or is there really very little to notice this time around?

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


almost twelve years ago

Watch out for humans who decide to decide for you.

Illusive Mind
almost twelve years ago

Hey guys, are you going to post a blog explaining the desktop comp? I\'m not sure exactly what you\'re after.

As for backup, thumbs up for Acronis True Image Home. I do scheduled backups of my most important data onto two separate hard drives. I\'m probably going to use dvds for offsite storage, you can\'t get photos or song masters back.

over twelve years ago

I think Apple is trying to balance satisfying the \\\"mac fanboys\\\" and luring in upper middle class computer illiterates(the Apple store is probably one of the most crowded and biggest stores at my house) who have money to burn and who already have the iphone/pod. I think the multi-touch mousepad is...almost cool however.

About Scientology, the scariest thing about them is how powerful they have which is probably on account of driving people into bankruptcy who at one point honestly believed their teachings.

I found this show pretty relevant in that I find Scientology and Apple are both most frightening in that they charge people who want to be a part of their club(early adopters/\\\'entry-level\\\' scientologists) and also charge for prestige once they are branded.

over twelve years ago

lol, I messed up, \"..biggest stores at THE MALL BY my house\"

over twelve years ago

I have to agree with lando on a lot of the things he has said. Is todays accepted religions nothing more then older basterdized versions of business adventures gone horribly wrong? who knows! It is interesting to think that that could have happened.

My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20. After that I was hooked to the Apple computers at my school playing Oregon Trails. My 8th Grade teacher had one of the first macs with a mouse and it was cool. Apple has always seemed to me to have brought the computer industry forward. Lately they seem to be on cruise control because they have focused on non-computer products such as the Ipod and Iphone. If apple went back to the drawing board I beleive that they would come up with some more truely innovative ideas. I do not own anything apple except my Nano.

To Compare Apple and Scientology to me seems a bit extreme yet fitting at the same time.

maybe I will start a religion. Hmmm. Ozonians unite and all hail the creators Joe and Lando.

Nah...I dont think we need to create anymore chaos in this chaotic world. Sorry Lando and Joe.

Calder Jonhston
over twelve years ago

I completely agree with you guys on the mac book air. No optical drive!!! Who cares about portability when you can\'t watch your DVDs on it.. well, you could give Stevie another hundo for an external optical drive THAT ONLY WORKS WITH THE MAC BOOK AIR!!!! It doesn\'t even work with other mac products. Don\'t get me wrong, I like some mac products, like the mac book I am typing on. It is small and portable enough.

Also, Scientology is the most stupid religion(if you can call it that) I have ever heard of.

\"I\'d like to start a religion. That\'s where the money is.\" - L. Ron Hubbard to Lloyd Eshbach, in 1949

\"Let\'s sell these people a piece of blue sky.\" - L. Ron Hubbard to an associate in 1950, soon after the opening of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.

\"Scientology is the only specific (cure) for radiation (atomic bomb) burns.\" - L. Ron Hubbard, ALL ABOUT RADIATION, p. 109

“Make money. Make more money. Make other people produce so as to make more money.? Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, March 9, 1972

“Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous, if a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion.? -L. Ron Hubbard, Bare Faced Messiah, p. 148, quote occurring in 1949.