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Feb 17, 2007

Episode 32 finds us contemplating those modern technologies and changes that we probably never notice. Things like internet and cell phones seem commonplace, but the reality is that these are relatively new innovations that have very quickly become as integral to modern life as a vehicle. Is this invisible integration a bad thing? Is it significant, or simply a byproduct of a rapidly changing culture?

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London


over thirteen years ago

(i intend not having a phone whenever i get my own home. i hate them just that much. i don\'t care if anyone can\'t get in touch with me; nothing could possibly be that important.)

almost thirteen years ago

hi guys,

just chiming in here about the cell phones. i can honestly say i\'ve never owned a cell phone and i\'m 25 years of age. however, 2007 *might* be the year....maybe.... ;-)

over thirteen years ago

First off, happy birthday Joe!
Great show as usual. First off i don’t use a mobile phone; I hate them with a passion. I have been given a few by friends but i never turned them on and even refuse to answer land line phone for at least one hour after i get home from work. Friends got used to my strange behaviour it and know when it is safe to ring.
Secondly I am a librarian and hate the proliferation of electronic books. I don’t mind e-journals as much as they are much more convenient but very expensive as once your subscription expires you have nothing to show for all the money spent. At least with hard copies of books and journals it is a one off payment that will be physically present unless it is stolen or mutilated. We currently only have software to count clicks on E-links but nothing to give us an indication on how long file was opened or what pages viewed, printed etc so we have little way of telling if students prefer hard or electronic versions of materials. Most surveys we do people want both but electronic is starting to become more popular offer the past few years according to clicks on metadata links. I am no means a technophile as i love my computer, internet amd NDS but dont like the idea of being in contact 24/7!

over thirteen years ago

havent had a mobile phone for 2 weeks now ... i lost it on a bus and waiting for my payday to get a new phone ... getting kind of used to it but its sucks big time. i wouldnt say that im totally dependant on it , but it does make life easier. i think most people would just make slight changes to the way they communicate *i use the payphone when im out* . great show btw ...

hailz from Singapore
Deo \\m/

over thirteen years ago

i do have a phone although i never actually use it.
i really reeaally hate talking over the phone and try to avoid it as much as i can.
i still carry it around, though, because my parents are kind of paranoid about me being kidnapped or ending up on the other half of the earth in case it somehow tears apart.

i mostly just use it as a clock and sometimes play games in case i\'m bored.