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Do Your Part!

Sep 24, 2009

Now it's my turn to enlist YOU for the next thirty. You guys have come through for Lando with some great stuff, now I want to know what you want in my next thirty minutes! As with Lando, any idea is up for consideration, so post anything you can think of in the comments below. Get to it soldiers, your podcast is depending on YOU to do your part!

over ten years ago

On a note on computers I wouldn\'t mind a segment on the differences between all the CPUs now. There are Quad cores, Intel Q-series, AMD AM2/AM3 etc that mean nothing to me. I could understand 3000Mhz CPU single core but looking to upgrade but dont understand todays CPU jargon names. I suppose I could read up on it but prefere to listen to someone who knows what he is talking about and put it in laymans terms. Also what to use to archive digital data.. Using Harddrives and DVD\'s for archiving seem to be fraught with dangers as HD seem to only have an average of 5 years lifespan and even the best DVDs (Taiyo Yuden from what i have read)are too young to be truely investigated and not going to last the 100+ years as first promised. Working in a library we are currenly relying on a HD RAID methodology and with the increase of digital data the cost is climbing.

over ten years ago

I\'d like to hear Joe talk about the future of Video Game arcades.
Are they dead?

Also what are your thoughts on the following idea for a Grand Theft Auto style simulator in an arcade?

Such a simulator would be fully enclosed and have controls for all types of vehicles (land, sea & air).
It would have an xbox/playstation style control pad on the inside of the steering wheel to control the character when he is out of a vehicle and the simulator would rumble and shake like a motherfucker.
It would be connected online and would cost $5-$10 per hour for someone to log in to the GTA accoubnt an get a different gaming experience.

over ten years ago

Your Top 5 B-Grade Movie Bad Guys/Villains
(All movies must be rated a 6 or less on IMDB)

Big Dave (OZ)
over ten years ago

Tell us about your secret powers, you know what i mean, the powers you\'re sure that you have, and still manage to hide from the rest of the non-mutants. I personally have the power of silence, I can sneak up on almost anybody, I can also boil a perfect egg.

If you had to give up one of your 5 senses, which one would it be, it\'s not an easy pick. Tasteless food, unheard music , unseen sights, breasts left unfondled (touch) , or smells missed. Not an easy choice, given that taste and smell are linked, even harder.

How about a discussion on how personally people take it and how upset they get, if you don\'t agree with them in a comments section of an excellent and entertaining podcast. Or just about generally bad behavior on the internet.

over ten years ago

I think Joe should tell us all what his perfect computer would be like in detail and where he would get his parts from. When Joe talks tech I could listen for hours; its almost meditative. You never heard a guy so sure of what he was doing and how he was doing it.