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Big Dave
almost seven years ago

When I heard dislike of the new Corvette, my mind went straight to the article I just read in Road & Track -
"Stylistically, the C7 bravely defies the boomer status quo; it's too early to judge how that look will play out on the street. One thing's for sure: The Internet commentariat, rising from their burito stained armchairs, will profess to hate every inch." How do you like your buritos Joe?

I'm not sure about the looks myself, I learnt long ago to wait till I see it in the metal, cars I hated in the magazines sometimes look much better in metal.

As for the most beautiful car ever, for me it's the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, Here's the Top Gear review, it explains everything.

Another villain, Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men, I know he was after the money, but killing was just a toss of the coin.

almost seven years ago

Villains for consideration: Zorg from Fifth Element. Stanfield from Leon:The Professional. They both monologue until they see the thing they want. Also consider the Operative from Serenity.