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Apr 3, 2009

I don't know about you, but I never expected Lando and myself to do a show about cars. And yet, here it is! Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

ten and a half years ago

There\'s this huge struggle in mind between the bad ass car and the good car. I\'d love a rear wheel drive, V8, monster that burns through turns and can disintegrate anything on the road. BUT. I also like the idea of great gas mileage, compact design, and safety. These two shall never meet and its up to the individual to come to terms and figure out what aspects they need and or want. Some of us can go non-car, which I am impressed with Brian, though I never could myself. Renting cars feels like getting hookers to me. Big Dave, Dave, I also like where the two of your are at. BigDave, I like that you found something powerful that also meets your convenience; that ain\'t an easy thing to do. And Dave, I always wanted to be a bit of a purist. I always wanted to be that guy driving the Mercury or the Roadrunner, all computer invasion of the automobile cast aside. But, my friend use to drive a \'69 Barracuda and it lived on his lawn because he couldnt get the damn thing to work. Instead he drove a used Sebring that was kind of shitty and waxed on and on about that Barracuda, and how great it was. I decided then that I would not have a madona/whore complex about my vehicle. A crap car you drive every day and then the rusted purist automobile you worship on your lawn. No, I would have one car that found the middle line. Probably is, that middle line is a tough ticket to figure out. I guess its just a no win situation in the end, you accept the losses and get the most of what you need and hope for some of what you want. One thing we can all agree on though, who doesn\'t want Milla in the back seat.

Big Dave (OZ)
ten and a half years ago

Which Milla are we talking about, the one that\'s just fallen through the roof of your cab and doesn\'t speak a word of english, the one whose soaking wet from the \"auto wash\" but speaks a little english, or the one whose just woken up in the operating theatre with nothing but a miscellaneous white sheet or hospital gown on. I would take any personally.

Hey, maybe you could have a show just about Milla!

ten and a half years ago

Flying Taxi with Milla Jojovich inside...

Dave (UK)
ten and a half years ago

Gotta play my hand as a purist. While I accept that on-board computers are useful for many things I\'m a firm believer that the more you add, the more that can go wrong.

An old work colleague once told me that cars are very simple,

\"If it breaks down the problem is either electrical or mechanical.\"

Unfortunately with the advent of electronics this means that repairs are being taken more and more out of the consumer\'s hand and into the high priests of the auto-church.

I haven\'t owned a vehicle for a sod of a long time now (for reasons both economic and, well... economic). I used to own a Ford Fiesta Mk I (Not this one but you get the idea)

It was a piece of shit but it was my piece of shit. The best thing about it was the steering feedback. I could tell what the road conditions were like by just driving the damn thing. All this power assisted bollocks does these days is lull you into a false sense of security.

GPS? Nah, buy a map. The last thing you need to be doing is staring at a little map-monitor when you\'re about to gain carnal knowledge of the Kenwood\'s trailer in front. Plus, you\'ll miss all that *ahem* scenery.

Going retro, my favourite car would be any in a Whitesnake video. mmmm...

Big Dave (OZ)
ten and a half years ago

Loved the show, and I\'ve got a bit to say, so I\'ll try and keep each point short:
* Who do I want to design my ultimate car - HR Giger, can you imagine what it would look like.
*Movie car - I really like the Black Chevy Impala in Supernatural, in fact it was probably the only reason I watched it. Blues Bros Dodge Monaco comes in second.
*Fog lights on cars, in OZ they are more often referred to as WANKER lights, most people who drive with them on in fine conditions are very obviously masturbating as they drive.
*El Camino type vehicles are very popular in OZ, I almost bought one, over hear they are referred to as Utility Vehicles, or Utes for short, the more popular ones can be had with very powerful engines, including the engine from the Vette.
*3 wheeler that leans into corners, the Carver One is the latest, it looks very cool, and lots of fun.
*Rear wheel drive is king, front wheel drive is for girls and wimps. The ability to spin the rear of the car around with a punch of the throttle has saved me before, and it brings a silly grin to your face every time you do it.
*10 stackers are so last century, I thought you guys would be up with the times. I\'ve got a Clarion DVD player, that has USB memory stick interface, just load your favorite tracks, plug and play.
*Road trip in an ambulance, does the movie Cannonball Run ring any bells, still it would be fun.
*If you love your Corvettes, but the car itself is impractical, get yourself a Pontiac G8 GXP, it\'s got the 6.2 liter V8 out of the Vette, 4 doors, and plenty of space, and it\'s built in OZ.
*Last but not least, I do love my car, I sent you guys a pic last year when I got it, it\'s no the fastest, or the best looking, but as Dave (UK) said, it\'s mine, and sorry Dave, but yours doesn\'t compare. Here\'s a pic

Fortunately I only travel 4 miles to work each day.