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Nov 28, 2011

over eight years ago

This stuff has been creeping up in the past few years. Awhile ago in the music industries someone added the old sounds you used to get of vinyl records, those little scratches and pops, to their music. Next came the wave of old timey looking photographs taken with incredibly advanced cameras. The culmination of this came about with J.J. Abrams "Super 8". It ends with a shot of lens flare. Seriously, the last shot is lens flare. This was not added to the film to show that it was set during the time when that was a side effect of filming at night with lights facing the camera, it was added in digitally because current cameras will not allow it. He also uses it in Star Trek, so it's kind of part of his style but it's looking in the rear-view mirror for ideas. It would be the equivalent of deciding to travel across the continent but instead of getting into a jet you got into an ox drawn cart.