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Nov 27, 2009

This week Lando and I have games on the brain again, this time the changing face of the gamer and the shifting level difficulty that has evolved alongside. Are gamers today radically different than in the past, and does that change have to do with the people or the games themselves? Also, has gaming culture broadened at the expense of challenge? Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

Edu Camihort
over nine years ago

there is a game that is basically like the movie but it shows more than the movie. the N64 game Goldeneye. that is a great game and follows what the movie showed. If i remember correctly it had only one live, and then you had to begin the level all again.

over ten years ago

Dave (UK): Yep, The good old C64, my first computer. Thing-on-a-Spring was a great game and with a quick search on Youtube and you can see the game in action or just play ti on an emulator or go to and download the mp3 of the music... Lots of nerds reliving their youth! Beware though revisiting old games can shatter cherished childhood memories as you see how badly some games have aged..Then again you could spend hours replaying games like ‘Mule’ or ‘Archon’ that can never age

Big Dave (OZ)
over ten years ago

My first was an Amiga A500. I\'ve managed to find some of the old games I used to play on it, like R-Type, which I now seem to be crap at.

Dave (UK)
over ten years ago

Games? Not a gamer really but I have been known to get really absorbed in stuff and not come out for days on end.

Let me say first and foremost: Star Wars - Trench Run (as played by me many years ago in the sit-down, arcade format) IS a game of the film.

For me, back in the day, the game that sold me on how cool shit could be was the arcade game Battlezone. Snot-green vector-graphics and twin joysticks for that caterpillar groove. As simple as it was it fascinated me (actually the original Asteroids did the same, as did Tempest - maybe it\'s a vector-graphics thing?).

These days I\'m more of a \"The game that never ends\" kinda guy.

I love a story, but I love to explore and find new stuff. So, my kinda 5 in no particular order.

Final Fantasy X : My first experience of FF. The whole gameplay concept and universe was only undermined by a slightly ropey story-line, albeit an ending that I really didn\'t expect.

Diablo II : Where\'s III at? I seriously love this game. Run around hack shit to pieces. Find, sell, buy; tell Cain he\'s a tight motherfucker for even thinking of charging for identifying items. Without this and Warcraft there would be no WOW, fact.

EA Sports NHL (pick a year - mine are \'00 & \'03): First real intro to ice-hockey and good times spent with my old lodger. We used to run a league and play as two of the five outfield skaters. Developed an understanding that is usually only shared by sportsmen. Better double-teaming than solo. Love that game...

Sid Meier\'s Civ : Currently IV (Beyond the sword). Good graphics, no need to rush - go for piss - make lunch - come back and press . Addictive gameplay.

GTA III : I don\'t play it much but it amazed me at the level of detail, okay the hookers don\'t quite go all the way but... I choose this primarily because as Lando rightly points out it does show us a world without consequences. It also lets me drive a Hummer up a ramp and flip it over in slow motion while listening to the classical station. The visuals and soundtrack are sheer poetry. ;o) For this alone it\'s a winner but it does so much more...

Honourary mention: Tony Hawks Skateboarding I & II (for indulging my artistic side)

over ten years ago

Some LucasArts adventure games were great adaptations of the movie such as Labyrinth and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. There must be more but if they don’t come to mind they cannot be that memorable, though LucasArts were exceptional games if you loved point and click adventure games back in the day. C64 games like Gremlins and James Bond The Living Daylights. were great games of the film though i suspect i am looking through rose coloured glasses with any C64 game

Dave (UK)
over ten years ago

Hey Carl, do you mean the Commodore 64? My mate had Thing-on-a-Spring. The music for that was brilliant. Wish I had a copy so I could listen now and think, \"er, maybe it wasn\'t so good\".

Okay ladies and gentleman, time to show your age. What was your first computer/games system?

I\'ll start: A Texas Instruments TI-99/4a.

No, it was not a calculator...