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Aug 18, 2007

Show 55 has Lando and I exploring the iconic weaponry found in popular entertainment. Mjolnir, Batman's utility belt, the dual .45s employed by the's all here and more as we wind our way through the various armaments that our heroes choose. Along the way we find that these weapons are both new and old, creative and derivative, mixtures of classic myth and fresh creativity. Fire up that Batmobile baby, we're goin' for a ride!

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


over twelve years ago

I would have to go with a power ring. The versatility and ability to travel in space make it the single coolest weapon ever imho. I\'d go with yellow over green tho.

over twelve years ago

This is a little late, but I\\\'m going with a cool glowy disc/frisbee from the movie/videogame Tron! Not only are they kick arse, but they can store a crap load of information you can access at will. It\\\'s like having an internet connection that you can whip out and throw and zap somebody and have it return on its own. And I think it makes Kool-Aid, too.

Illusive Mind
over twelve years ago

It might be a bit obscure but when I was a kid I was in love with the idea of a networked cybernetic eye and then saw one manifestation in the anime: Goku Midnight Eye.

Not to mention his wicked staff.

Of course this falls into one of the \\\'all seeing eye\\\' archetypes, amazing how we can\\\'t seem to escape those things.

I\\\'d love to read your thesis on cyberpunk Lando, I\\\'m obsessed with the genre and it\\\'s future possibilites. Shoot me an email if you want.

over twelve years ago

I vote for the Proton Pack and Ghost trap from Ghostbusters, because they combine the science of man with the mythology of the \\\'spirit world\\\' in a way that is really charming and funny as well as plausible. Also I always found their secretary really cute.

Liquid Joe
over twelve years ago

Wow, the Proton Pack is a great pick. Who doesn\\\'t know that thing? Good call!

over twelve years ago

If we can consider video games, a weapon that immediately comes to mind is the crowbar from Half-Life.

In fact, the recognition of the crowbar in the Internet/gaming community is so great that when Half-Life 2 was announced, one of the media releases was simply a digital wallpaper of a pre-rendered crowbar. Moreover, the crowbar is the first weapon you receive when you play Half-Life 2. The circumstance in which this occurs is quite telling: one of the characters from the game ceremoniously presents the crowbar to Gordon in a way that plays on the fan recognition and mystique of the weapon. In addition, a cool little ‘jingle’ even plays, which further reinforces the importance of the moment.

The parallels between Gordan Freeman and the crowbar are also interesting. For example, they are both nondescript (Gordan never speaks) and utilitarian (the HEV suit and Gordan’s actions etc), and in many respects they are Jacks of all trades and adaptable in many situations. Another small observation is that while the crowbar is a tool whose nature represents many things about the gameplay of Half-Life and its protagonist, it is also worth mentioning that Gordon Freeman is in fact himself a tool - a tool selected and ‘wielded’ by the G-Man for unknown purposes.

over twelve years ago

I also forgot to mention that the HL crowbar is arguably an oddity in terms of iconic weaponry. It is not traditional thought of as a weapon and has no special destructive or super/supernatural powers and abilities (in-game or otherwise) - its \\\'power\\\' comes from what it represents to a particular community.