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Aug 27, 2007

Better late than never, this week we're going back a bit to look at the extremely incorrect assumptions we made about how our lives would turn out. The eccentric, moody artist in the expansive loft who hangs out in coffee houses being too cool all day and producing masterworks by twilight. The idea-packed writer cranking out brilliant novels by day before  sipping fine wine at night and discussing the finer points of Steinbeck and Hemingway. Oh yes, we were quite deluded. But why wouldn't we be? Isn't this the ideal we are presented? What are the roots of our delusions of grandeur in these careers and others, and is there a way to avoid the trap they present? Come with us as we balance the myth and the truth of what we expect out of life...see if you hear anything that sounds familiar.

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


over twelve years ago

Thanks for the link Crescendo, I hate it when I miss something that could be potentially important. I\'ll be sure to look into this; you know Im a sucker for new information. Keep those eyes open for anything else we miss. That goes for all of you out there.

over twelve years ago

Provoked me. Confession.
I do volunteer work for a mainline protestant denomination in Spain. We just did some of the biblical parables for some Farsi-Speaking guys up north who have satellite time. Cool.
But being a missionary is like eating a fried butthole sandwich at a carnival. Yesterday I found myself unexpectedly working on a job site with a bunch of illegal Romanians. I was trying not to get my new \"Aigle\" polo shirt dirty as I hauled new cabinets up to the 3rd floor in my flip-flops on a wet marble staircase. The Romanian construction workers were smart enough to stay close to the wall and I trudged up on the side without a railing.
My pharoah/boss/ministry director is spiraling into the Heart of Darkness as he struggles to complete this pyramid/temple/new media facility just in time for the Texas donors to take a field trip over here.
I don\'t even know what religion I am anymore. Hopefully none of them. I do feel good about the Farsi thing. Funny thing is most of the viewers will be women in places east of here who can\'t go outside. I want them to have access to unadulterated peace.
I remember when Princess Di died. I would listen to \"Pavan for a Dead Princess\" by Ravel and stare out the window. It was the romance of tragic royal death that entertained me.
Mother Theresa was like that hapless young marine who threw himself on a grenade to save his buddies, except her grenade lasted 50 years and it ripped into her spirit before her body.
Wacky young girls at art school. Better than a handful of pretty petunias!

Rob V
over twelve years ago

Hey fellas!! I listen to the new episodes on Mon/Tues - any day you post is fantastic, as long as you keep \'em commin\'.

Always engaging!!!

Joe - excellent sound!!
One of the finest quality audio productions
I\'ve experienced in a podcast

over twelve years ago

With regards to you both favourably mentioning Mother Theresa in this episode, have either of you read \\\"The Missionary Position\\\" by Christopher Hitchens?

It seems to be quite the polemic.

In the interests of full disclosure I admit that I haven\\\'t actually read it myself at present. My interest was piqued during a radio interview with Hitchens on this very subject, and so I went out and bought the book. It\\\'s next in line to be read.