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Jul 11, 2008

This week we're sailing without a compass, just calmly cruising between several items that have caught put interest. We start off discussing Hancock, move into some other big movies on the horizon and before long it's atheist soldiers and bogus lottery tickets! Yes indeed, you never quite know what you'll get when we're blathering away. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alright" by Flower Of Cables
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

eleven and a half years ago

Hey guys, i dont know if you guys saw the new Batman: gotham night DVD that came out. It has 6 anime episodes ala Animatrix, animated by japanese anime houses including production I.G of Ghost in the shell:Sac fame. Its worth checking out. Later

Big Dave (OZ)
eleven and a half years ago

Just saw the Dark Night, Heath Ledger is unrecognizable, he played crazy as it should be, totally, but apparently Jack Nicholson was deeply offended that he was not asked to reprise his role.

Toughest Chick in a non sci-fi film = Zoe Bell as herself in Deathproof.

eleven and a half years ago

Hey guys,

Yeah, I\'ve kept track of what happened with MU and it\'s a big disappointment to see what I considered one of best produced shows out there go down that way. I talked to Ben outside of the show interview a while back and he always struck me as a good guy, but going on to a pay model may have been too much to handle by himself. I think it simply took him too long to get the staff and support he needed, but ultimately only he really knows the story. If he got a commercial deal, good for him. Regardless of the MU situation he\'s a good talent for the airwaves.

eleven and a half years ago

Joe - last episode you mentioned watching Spacehunter. I remember that one! I watched it in a movie theater. It was like snacking on the perfect plate of Nachos... just enough cheese on top of a tasty crunch. Molly Ringwald was like the medium to mild hot.
Lando - you know what movie sensation I\'m referring to because like you, I\'m one to watch Starship Troopers when a full meal will not do.

Big Dave (OZ)
eleven and a half years ago

I watched Hancock a few weeks ago, it got some mixed reviews, but I thought I\'d see it anyway. I really enjoyed it, and I agree they handled the transition really well, but an early part of the conversation had me thinking, what movies do I watch every so often when there\'s nothing on the idiot box. So here they are, good or bad, I still watch them repeatedly:
The Fifth Element
The Bourne Identity
Starship Troopers
Star Wars IV
Star Trek First Contact
Kill Bill 1
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Kiss Of The Dragon
Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind
Independence Day
Minority Report

I\'m sure there\'s some more, but you get the idea. I even keep them in a special rack next to the TV.

eleven and a half years ago

Fifth Element
Bourne Identity
Starship troopers

Those 5 are movies I watch more often than I should. They are just infinitely watchable I think. I would add Aliens, Big Trouble in Little China, Chronicles of Riddick and the Darjeeling Limited to my list though. I wonder what the effect on us is from absorbing these movies over and over, quietly memorizing them and inputing them to our deepest level of conscious. As for Starship Troopers, the chick who plays Dizzy Flores will always be among my models of a serious bad ass sci-fi chick. And, she played the non-molly molly in Johnny Neuomonic which puts her right up there in on my list of B-level actors and actresses who are more important than A-levelers. LoL. Oh what Theater has become in our age. What would Shakespeare say...

eleven and a half years ago

You guys are really close to your 100th episode. That\'s quite an achievement, I\'m not sure if you guys still follow mysterious universe, but he\'s mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth, and he was on episode 94. Keep it going boys.

eleven and a half years ago

I\'ve heard from a reliable source that Ben secured a contract with a commercial radio station for a hour weekly show.