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Jan 21, 2011

In this week's show:

Lopez Tonight
DVD Update
Coop Art
Batman 3 Villains

Music for the show provided by George Carpenter.

over nine years ago

Oh I saw Bronson. Soon as it hit DVD I saw it. That was an awesome character piece. Did you read at all about Tom Hardy's workout routine to be able to play Bronson? I am fascinated by how these actors transform their bodies to be able to play this very specific roles. Tom Hardy and Bale both seem to be very good at bulking up though Bale still has the high rites for being about to slim down to near nothing. He went from the Machinist to Batman Begins, that's a transformation if I've ever seen one.

over nine years ago

I read about the Secret Six Series after the show and have changed my view of Bane in the next Batman movie. Used properly I think he will be a clever villain for Nolan to use, especially after reading about his ties to Ras al ghul (I think I butchered that spelling lol). It's just that fear you get because of how Bane has been butchered in Comics. He was great in Knightfall but then he was just shit on for years and now the Secret Six series is starting to use him right again. Tom Hardy can do Bane propper I think too.

Adam Stephens
over nine years ago

Gentlemen, Im glad you liked the design; I am honored. Regrettably Joe, I wish I could claim I intended the double entendre but no; it was simply impulse. Nonetheless, thank you for the kudos. Hearing Landos initial reaction to the joke made my week. Thanks!