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Jun 24, 2016

This week we're talking Blade Runner, Patreon, I Was Blind But Now I See, and Man Candy. Music for the show provided by Reed Love.

over three years ago

Will do! Don't worry, you guys will know once its available. He won't promote it but I sure as hell as will!

over three years ago

Could Lando post a link to his book if he puts it up on Amazon.

over three years ago

It's me again. I still would be there if you add Patreon to your donation system. I would be on there if you would not do anything extra. I get so much from this podcast, that this is a little thanks to you.
I love the little extra podcast idea.

over three years ago

I'd pay guys, but I'd like to see video content as well as the audio. Maybe you record a 5 while driving to work, or you show the movies/books that your talking about on hangouts/skype/screenshare, or in the flesh interviews.