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Sep 18, 2009

This week we're running free range once again, and we start with the more symptoms of the ruination of cinema. After that, we remark on the deft writing required to gradually turn a protagonist insane without losing the sympathy of the audience and the questionable decision that sometimes gets made to attempt to finish the unfinished work of a dead author. Speaking of questionable decisions, we discuss the recent news that Disney is attempting to buy Marvel Comics, and while we're on the topic of comics we present a mini-review of the new Batman game. Talking about games gets us lamenting the loss of arcades, and the everlasting importance of jiggliness in the design of video game women. Finally, speaking of women leads to take a moment to bask in the magic of Milla, who I suppose I would call my muse. And hey, Mysterious Universe has relaunched! Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

david rhodes
over ten years ago

I know you\'ll dismiss the Star Wars franchise from your ultimate sci-fi list, BUT someone\'s just remastered an original 16mm version of the 1977 release and man, it rocks. Its like grindhouse. Most importantly, it\'s pure, unmolested and really shows the true lack of budget that Lucas has tried so hard to disguise.

Here\'s the link to the film post - it\'s safe.

As far as more forgotten works go, always had a soft spot for \'my science project\' and \'night of the comet\'.


Big Dave (OZ)
over ten years ago

Just finished listening to the show, on a road trip through the Blue Mountains, with rain, sleet, fog and dust, yes dust, check out our news, to contend with.

I read all the books in the Hitchhikers series, including \"the Salmon of Doubt\", and only the first half was completed, and there was some doubt as to whether it was part of that series. More annoying than someone else completing there work, is actually hearing the news that they\'ve died, very depressing. I didn\'t find out another of my favorite authors, David Gemmell, had died till nearly a year later, and he hadn\'t finished his latest series. His wife managed to complete it from his partial draft and notes, it turned out OK, but he will be missed.

80s sci-fi classics, how could you forget \"The Last Starfighter\", I loved that movie, I even managed to pick-up a cheap copy on DVD, and it\'s still OK to watch. If you want to talk absolute classics though, I saw this movie when I was about 13 or 14, it was late at night, and it gave me a serious case of the willies. It seems to be known by a couple of titles, I knew it as \"5 millions years to earth\" but on IMDB it\'s called \"Quatermass and the Pit\". Classic English sci-fi.
How about the original Logan\'s Run, or the original Forbidden Planet.

I can definitely understand having a \"thing\" for Milla, there\'s just something about a hot chick who can kick your ass, although Vasquez from Aliens may have been a bit too butch, and Sarah Connor from T2 a bit too \"damaged\". Dizzy from Starship Troopers fits the bill though. Ripley is just to intimidating, and not hot enough.

MU is back, and so far seems better, it\'s still good entertainment, with good music. The new format lends itself to some healthy skepticism. I do owe Ben for putting me onto your podcast, when you guys had your marathon interview. I was a VIP member, and I actually got refund of my remaining membership without asking for it.

I\'m sure I speak for all your fans, and yes we are fans, we really do appreciate all the effort and work you put into this show. When you have a week off, we may grumble and swear, but we come back next week, and smile when we see that there\'s a new show, we appreciate the way you coherently disseminate your opinions, and the humour that often accompanies them. I\'m not always familiar with some of your topics, but I always enjoy them. Thank you.