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Jun 19, 2009

This week we're talking quite a bit of tech, starting off Lando telling a story about an alarm clock that comes with a bonus heart attack. From there, we talk about my recently acquired Palm Pre. We go over the good and the bad of this 'Palm saviour'. After that, rather than spend an hour comparing it to the iPhone we go over the new iPhone announcements and whether this new version of the phone is that big a deal. Once we're done talking cell phones, we move into some morally questionable territory with the ethics of cents and the recent doubleTwist flap. Finally, we talk about the new Star Wars MMO that is big on promise and low on anything tangible. Can this new attempt to make the Lucasverse into a playable MMO avoid the fgate of SW: Galaxies? We have our doubts, and we'll tell you why. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

almost eleven years ago

80 levels of protocol and interplanetary courtesy.

Dave (UK)
ten and a half years ago

As far as the whole change in the tip jar thing is concerned I\'m with the Jew on this one. I\'ll preface that with the fact there is a different \"tip\" culture in U.K. Tips are not assumed and are at the patrons\' descretion based (usually) on quality of service.

Be in no doubt I would consider this action as theft and treat it as such. Having said that, I\'m a tight fisted bastard who needs every penny.

Oh and thanks for putting the number count back on the episode files, makes my filing much easier. ;o)

Big Dave (OZ)
ten and a half years ago

I\'m not in the habit of tipping, it\'s not common in the working class area I live in, but I have been known to tip a tradesman (read plumber or electrician, after all no one wants a blocked toilet, no hot water, or no power). As far as I know, nobody tips anyone at my local shops, if anyone asks for a tip, they usually get the response from an old TV ad \"Wear clean underwear, and be good to your mother.\" But in saying all that, who wants to appear cheap in front of a hot babe, nothing turns them off more than a guy who won\'t spend money.

Han Solo P.I. Some people have too much time on their hands, but it did get me thinking, there was a 70s TV show that had some similarities to the Solo and Chewbacca characters. In fact I had to look it up to see which came first. Star Wars did. The TV show was called \"BJ and the Bear\". It was released in 1978, I don\'t know if you guys ever saw it, it\'s about a truck driver with a chimp for a companion, and he was always getting in trouble with the police.

Your podcasts do trigger some weird thought processes.