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Apr 28, 2007

For Show 39 we're taking a pretty heated look at the subject of parenthood. With the staggering numbers of children who end up abused, abandoned or neglected, should we be doing more to make sure people are fit as parents? Do we need a set of rules that govern who can and can't reproduce? We walk a fine and contentious line this week as we battle over where our responsibilities as a society and our freedoms as individuals lie.

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


almost thirteen years ago

All that comes to mind is gattaca. I have thought about the issue of permits to bare children but as you said it is taking away a right that all people have. so is there really a way to deal with this situation? I think that stiffer penalties such as sterilization is a possible mode to follow but then you come up against many other problems such as the right to bare arms...err children no matter who you are. I personnally think that convicted felons of child sex crimes should be the first to get sterilized and depending on the severity of the offense castration if its a man. I beleive that children are the biggest decision to make in a persons life so when an accident happens you dont get that decision unless you are for abortion. I am a pro choice beleiver and stand by it but at the same time I would be crushed if I found out that my girlfriend or wife had an abortion. what a touchy subject guys. maybe we could do a show on anime or clowns to liven things up a bit. Still many thanks for making me think about shit that I would not normally consider.

almost thirteen years ago

I like the direction this show went, but something still bugs me. Parental feelings are, to a certain degree, biological responses. They have to be. We\'re mammals.

Could it be that there are certain environmental causes which are to some degree or other suppressing these parental feelings? I just think chalking things up to \"irresponsibility\" might not completely cover the entire problem.

Responsibility is a social construct, a subset of morality. The desire to protect and care for your own offspring, that seems more like instinct. Is this just a hiccup in our evolution as increasingly social creatures? After all, the hive has no use for concepts like \"individual responsibility\".

Illusive Mind
almost thirteen years ago

There is a statistic about the correlation between education and the birth rate. For every year of education a woman gets she has ‘0.x’ less children.

If you look at the stats, the women having the most children and who clearly can\'t adequately support them are living in the developing world.

If you look at teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in the US, it is much higher amongst kids in \'Abstinence Only\' classes and the dopey Christian parents who taught them that bullshit.

There are parents who have mental issues, or who develop mental issues and seriously harm their children and the health-care industry needs to identify these people early and rescue the children if need be. But that\'s separate from people who deceive welfare agencies, which is a law enforcement issue which is separate again from stupid parents who just don\'t know any better.

Rather than setting up a new system, I think the solution is fixing all the solutions that are failing.