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Oct 30, 2009

This week we've got a great show for you as we bring in an old friend for a very entertaining interview. Matt Snedecor is our guest for about 2 hours, and in that time you'll hear about his many experiences as an audio engineer. We cover his progression from starting out at the Hit Factory in NYC to doing all the footsteps you'll ever hear in Skate 2. Along the way, you'll hear Lando be the mature interviewer and I will play the part of juvenile idiot. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

over ten years ago

I assume, Dave, you refer to my extremely tired and over-used Rush lead singer joke. In all honesty, that joke was only funny the first time I used it and I have now employed it solely as a torture method for my friends. At last, though, with this show it is dead.

Dave (UK)
over ten years ago

Absolutely Joe. I took humourous umbrage the last time I heard it and am pleased that it is now being \"retired\". :oD

Oh, I meant to make a further comment on the blog-world freaks. It sounded somewhat reminiscent of my visits to the Apple store in Regent\'s St-London. Lots of people sitting in rows pretending to listen to the lecture checking emails and showing off their latest gadgets.

Er... yes, I was one of them...

over ten years ago

I\'m a big fan of the FUCKING SHIT one-two punch

Dave (UK)
over ten years ago

Let me get this out the way,

\"OMFG! OMFG! You worked with Rush? I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not worthy!\"

Secondly, Matt, thank you for being there when Joe cracked his \"funny\". I feel he has been suitably dealt with and I will not have to rebuke him a second time. ;o)

I have dabbled with audio engineering on and off to a much lesser extent while I was playing music and have done time in small micro-studios. I got more respect from the engineers when I arrived with sheets of A3 depicting each track for each song, and how I hoped it would be possible to replicate in-house. In the studio, the engineer is god because ultimately he/she has the power to make you sound like either Rush or Liza Minnelli. You are also spot on about the death of the studio, I suspect there are other mitigating factors though, such as home platforms, in addition to the musical \"whores & rapists\".

\"Fuck-tard\" is one of my favourites, as is \"cunt-lugs\". Don\'t get to use the latter very often though, over here the C-Bomb outranks every other expletive.

Best insult in a movie?
Cartman: \"Fuck, shit, cock, ass, titties, boner, bitch, muff, pussy, cunt, butthole, Barbra Streisand! \"

Epic episode guys, nearly as long as \"Master of the MUniverse.\"
To be fair I didn\'t appreciate how long it was running. The conversational style always seems to flow, leaving me wondering where the time went.

Oh, and for what my opinion\'s worth, Tweeters should be disemboweled with rusty shears...