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Jan 23, 2009

After a quick break, we're back examining another oft-argued aspect of the human condition: dominion over the Earth. Do we as the most powerful species on the planet have a right to rule over this planet? Is survival of the fittest the way it should be, or is there a greater morality at play than that which we govern mostly ourselves by? A tricky topic, and another in which there seems to be no truly right answer. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

Benjamin Santiago
almost eleven years ago

I was vegan for a few years with my ex-girlfriend. I am vegetarian now. It is not bad especially if you have a friend to do it with. It is not terribly more expensive if you know what you are doing. For example Oreo\'s are vegan, but you obviously can\'t eat Oreo\'s all the time. It is not even that difficult like the person mentioned above if you are in a good city (for me it was school in the LES, NYC) or you are willing to expand your palette to Indian food or Thai food or a culture that doesn\'t use so much butter in their cooking. Also, they aren\'t always good, but there are some really good vegan substitutes for non-vegan food, like mayonnaise (aptly called vegan-aise), there were a few good cheeses, and some fake chicken patties (ala McDonald\'s McChicken\'s). However I was never that into bacon so I can\'t speak for that.

One of my problems was that I often came off like an asshole in social situations, for example I was in a class where the professor brought in pizza on the last day and I couldn\'t eat any and couldn\'t navigate the situation in any way that didn\'t make me seem like a dick or make the professor feel like I wasn\'t \"considered.\"

My problem with meat was eating something that is supposed to be able to run around relatively free and is now cramped in or trampled on in some scary farm somewhere. I probably wouldn\'t have a problem if someone hunted it themselves or something like that as Lando mentioned. Also, most meat that people consume barely registers as such for me. I\'m sure you could replace much of the \"meat\" in fast food restaurants with soy or other versions and people would barely notice.
(granted I\'m sure most vegetables/plants are genetically modified, but you can\'t win every battle can you?)

I think the issue with veganism is that people don\'t know ANYTHING about it. Most people assume I ate rice cakes, or grass or just gave me some crazy look when I talked about it.

I wonder if you guys have seen The Corporation, it covers a lot of territory you guys did in this show: the power of greed over our bodies (even to the level of our genes), and how they are altering what we eat and drink at the altar of the almighty dollar.

This is it on the google video:

Also, I\'m too young to remember this, but have you guys heard about this (relating to Lando\'s call for a \"body count\"):

almost eleven years ago

Hi Lando, in reference to your comments about doing everything for profit and also your hamburger price increasing every year so that we end up with a dollar in the millions like turkish Lira I think you should remember that a lot of this is caused moreso by demand than greed. Every company needs to make a profit but without a demand for so much meat they wouldnt need to resort to such terrible practices. This is by no means an excuse for those who treat animals like shit. People need to stop demanding so much.

In most western countries pay rises are given in line with the level of increasing inflation each year, so if inflation is at 3.5% your job should be giving you a raise of 3.5% for that year. Im not sure about the US but i\'d assume a lot of industries would be supported by strong unions to enforce this.

Great show guys.

P.S - howabout giving us a 30 minutes with Cooter edition?

almost eleven years ago

just wondering if you saw this, thought it was pretty nice:

almost eleven years ago

Great episode, if you thought Meet Your Meat was bad you should really check out Earthlings its on Youtube, really easy to find. No Lando Veganism isn\'t expensive, I\'m a lazy poor inner city fuck and I\'m able to do it. Also y\'all kinda sound misinformed about some animal rights things if you want you should check the podcast Vegan Freak Radio episodes 94 and 95 with Gary Francione he\'s really straight forward no hippie shit, and no these two things alone didn\'t make go vegan over night it took time and I don\'t expect to make vegans out of you two, but hey adding some cognitive dissonance wouldn\'t hurt.