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Aug 28, 2009

This week, one of our most singularly focused shows ever. We essentially talk about a few aspects of the potential of the human being. At first, we approach it from a purely physical sense, by commenting on pain and the limits of endurance. After that, we muse on the concepts of heroism and athleticism and what those concepts really mean. Once again, from very little topic matter we manage to construct an entire show. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

Dave (UK)
ten and a half years ago

\"That\'s Lando, he\'s a force of nature.\" Priceless!

...and yes, a hero is a guy who performs outstanding feats in the face of tremendous adversity, yet will not seek fame, fortune, nor favour as a result. I am not a hero, and no my cheque hasn\'t arrived yet.

Big Dave (OZ)
ten and a half years ago

Pain is subjective, everybody feels it differently. One mans pleasure is another mans pain. My job involves physical work every day. Lifting equipment up to 75kg and moving them onto pallets, by myself, and you do start to test yourself. One of the machines has a big round metal bar inside the top cover, and yes I can lift and move the machine with either my left or right arm, but not first thing in the morning. And every month or so I go and get either a deep tissue massage or a hot rock massage, and most people would consider it painful. Occasionally I have to carry cartons of paper up to the guys on the 3rd floor, and rather than go up the 2 flights of stairs twice, I carry 4 cartons up in one go. So I’d rather carry 56kg (28kg in each hand) of paper up the stairs than walk up the stairs twice. Pain is definitely subjective.

Is heroism the same as bravery, I read somewhere that bravery is saving someone else, knowing that it will likely result in your own death. Putting yourself in harms way to save others. We have a guy at work who always helps others, but then reminds them that he helped them.

My big non-heroic moment was a few weeks back, I was standing by a door at work, one of the young guys, jokingly gives me a shove, I jokingly give him a shove back, he was off balance when I caught him, he fell into the only disabled guy in the office, who was already off balance, and he fell flat on his ass, and got really pissed at the both of us, at least he knew it wasn’t just me. He has since seen the funny side of it, fortunately.

I really enjoyed Unbreakable, but how many people have seriously injured themselves attempting the bench press scene. I actually enjoyed Signs too, the scene in the cornfield when the alien moved in the torch beam got me. I suspect that I really suspend disbelief when watching films, they have to be really bad for me to turn off.

New captain in Star Trek, how about Russell Crowe, he\'d be forever throwing his communicator at people. If you want a Brit, Daniel Craig, or Gerard Butler. I grew up with Blakes 7. My brother was a huge fan. To me it was just a cheap ass English version of Star Trek. Check out the sets in the early episodes, the seats on the prison ship in the first episode are just office chairs, and only the pilots have wheels on their chairs.

P.S. I see Ben Grundy is back with Mysterious Universe

Dave (UK)
ten and a half years ago

My P.S.

Almost forgot. Yes, Mighty Boosh is fantastic. 3rd series has lost some of the edge but the Shamen are brilliant. You\'ve probably seen The I.T. Crowd already (also featuring Richard Ayoade), there were two other one series comedys with him and the Boosh mob.

Check out \"Garth Marenghi\'s Darkplace\", and (By the brilliant Chris Morris), \"Nathan Barley\".

ten and a half years ago


What exercises do you use to improve your grip? I do bench press, knuckle push ups, rows, curls and squats but nothing really specifically to improve my hand grip. I have been looking at the Heavy Grips™ that range from 100- 350 pound resistance but read mixed reviews on them ranging from too easy to too hard so uncertain whether to buy some.
Anyway Lando and Joe, great episode as usual with some quite funny parts...You two should talk more about your adventures together now and again to lighten the mood epecially after a heavy show.

ten and a half years ago

Okay. This isn\'t an advertisement, just my personal information on grips. That said, I like the grips that Ironminds puts out. ( ) Their site has a whole slew of weird grip assistance and though a lot of it is neat, I mostly stick to the grips. They originally started with the 5 level system, trainers, 1, 2, 3, 4. Now they have some lower starting levels to the trainers for an easier time getting started. I started with the trainers though, and they were brutal. That was years and years ago now and I am working with the level 1\'s now with my eyes on the 2\'s. It ain\'t easy, its weightlifting for your hands and if you have to treat it that way or you can get hurt. Couple times there I busted my hands up good before i learned my lesson, lol. Handhealth ( is another place that has great handwork stuff. They are more focused on dexterity, but if you use both approaches you can achieve pretty strong and flexible hands, which helps fight off a lot of the problems people get with their hands in the future. I do a lot of typing so I have to think about that.

My regime consists of a pair of 2 pound chinese meditation balls, trainer grips, level 1 grips, and squeeze balls of varying weight. I start out using the squeezers to warm up my tendons then switch to the trainers and do two sets of ten each hand, taking time between sets on the med balls to keep the tendons and muscles warm. After that I switch to the 1\'s and do 3 sets of 5 and then 3 sets of 10 on each hand. I take time between each set on the med balls and the squeezers. When I\'m done I stretch the hands and forearms outs. I usually do the dexterity exercises I learned from Handhealth. Joe can attest, I have some pretty strong hands at this point lol. I do this work out three times a week and have been since probably 2001. Yes, its silly, but hey man, it aint so silly when you end up with 360 pounds of force in your hands. You wont have to punch them so much as just grab them to end a fight lol. I hope this helps. Feel free to email the show email if you want any more information or just want to discuss the process. I know, I\'m nuts, but why not lol.

ten and a half years ago

Thank you for all the tips Lando, I just placed an order for some hand grips and pilfered some \"stress balls\" from the store room for warm ups.
I think all weight lifters get hurt sometime during their training life before they learn that warm ups and variations are essential in all routines.

Benjamin Santiago
ten and a half years ago

as much as I hate Signs, I think the scene where they show the alien on the news, one of the most frighteningly realistic scenes of an alien in cinema