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Oct 17, 2008

This week we're starting off with Lando noticing the little audio gem that now officially ends every show. It's been there for a bit now, but only just has gotten noticed and it was worth the wait. After that, we move into World War II, specifically the eerie nature of existing footage of the time and the odder aspects of the perennially damned Hitler. Moving into the present again, Lando gives a brief review of a new acquisition which leads into a discussion on steampunk and its fickle definition. Continuing on, we talk the perception of writers as it concerns their work and we finish by talking about why Heroes needs some saving of its own. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

Dave (UK)
over eleven years ago

Historical assholes do much for damaging a name. I experienced a personal reticence some years ago. My ex-wife and mother-in-law had decided that my daughter be named after her grandfather\'s sister (who had died at an early age). The problem is Myra is a pretty rare name and in U.K. is associated with one of the infamous Moors Murderers (I can hear Joe\'s fingers Googling as I type). Hopefully it\'s one of those things that fades with time. I would imagine her peers will probably never hear of her namesake.

Names carry some really weird powerful shit if you think about it. How many children were named, (clearly not christened) Osama after 9/11? Conversely, Anthrax considered changing their name after the subsequent Patriot Act whipping attacks. When thinking of myself I cannot remove the image of a great Jewish King with a slingshot in one hand, standing over a football. Culture, almost as funny as a chicken with a gun...

Big Dave (OZ)
over eleven years ago

I thought it was \"Cows with Guns\" and \"Chickens in Choppers\"

eleven and a half years ago

i\'m listening to the show right now but i just wanted to say something else. i won\'t explain how but yesterday i bought a copy of Fallout 3 (here in perĂº) and the game is FREAKING AWESOME. it\'s scheduled to come out on october 28th so i guess a version must\'ve leaked or something. freaking awesome game. played for 3 hours straight from 1 to 4am and encountered mutants, some greatly written characters and lots of prostitutes, for some reason.

you must play this game.

eleven and a half years ago

Listened to the first 20 minutes and thought I would be derelict if I did not plead with you to listen to:
This guy addresses WW1 - Hitler, Alexander, Scythian Skull drinking cups etc... I cannot recommend this podcast enough. He does a great job of extracting the shock of the story and the awe of placing you in the midst of it... Just try one episode... cheers!

eleven and a half years ago

Took your advice and have the podcast downloading now. I will give impressions after a few episodes, but I already like the \'Martian\' approach and the comparison question on Alexander vs Hitler. Thanks for the recommendation!

Big Dave (OZ)
eleven and a half years ago

I\'m still halfway threw listening but I needed to make these comments while I remember them.

Lando\'s warbling was absolutely hilarious, the people I passed while walking and listening to this thought I was crazy, I\'m going to extract it and use it as my message or ring tone, let\'s go viral with this.

If Hitler has spoiled the name Adolph, never mind what he did to Hitler, what has George Bush done to all those poor bastards who share his tag. There was this guy I worked with who had the same name as a much hated politician over here, everybody used to ask him how much he hated his name, his reply , \"what can I do, it\'s my name\" .
Poor Bastard.