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Off This Week

Nov 6, 2007

Hey everyone,

I got miserably sick with stomach flu this weekend, so we didn't get to record since I figured an hour or so of vomiting and moaning wouldn't exactly be much fuel for discussion. We've got a dynamite show planned for next week though, so stay tuned!


over twelve years ago

hope you get well soon!

last week\'s show was great, by the way. it really cracked me up..

i hope you make another show on literature, since you\'ve only touched that subject once, i think, and it was probably my favorite one.
i even bought \"Rogue Moon\" on e-bay :P

my best regards and au re voir!

over twelve years ago

What did you think of \"Rogue Moon\"?

over twelve years ago

actually i haven\'t read it yet.
i\'m still finishing The Charterhouse of Parma, but i\'ll probably get around Rogue Moon this weekend.