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Feb 23, 2010

Big Dave (OZ)
almost ten years ago

I don\'t get curling either, moguls isn\'t too bad. I seem to be understanding some of them better with the new super slow motion images. Watching the Bobsleighs in slow-mo is awesome. I can see the point of the downhill events and the cross country with the rifle.

The funniest moment form me so far, when the German men won the bobsleigh, got out in their tight as tight outfits, the outline of their dicks more than obvious, and one of our commentators says, \"Well it\'s easy to see that the Germans have the best equipment\" and then hands over to a female newsreader who struggles to keep a straight face.

Dave (UK)
almost ten years ago

Oh you zany Aussies!

God, our country\'s media has gone curling crazy ever since we won a medal the last games, and yes Big Dave, it\'s a sport that isn\'t done sitting down. ;o)

I pissed off about the timing and that I\'ve seen none of it, particularly Ice Hockey and Snow Boarding. They\'re my Winter Olympic \"thing\". Figure Skating!? WTF is that about? Jeez how can Figure Skating be an Olympic Event but Snowboarding cannot? Synchronised Swimming!? FFS! Next you\'ll be telling me darts is a sport...

oh hang on...