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Apr 24, 2012

seven and a half years ago

I don't think the camera phone will ever truly replace anything but the low end point and shoot. I do use a camera phone to take pictures, but only when I've nothing else on me - I've got a dslr I use for family photos , concerts etc and the jump in quality is well worth the inconvenience of the device. It will be a long time before phone camera's can get round the very small size of the lens and sensor. My dslr is mostly used with a 35mm prime lens, the aparture is half the size of most phones so you can get good pictures in all the places camera phones start to struggle.

I guess the real game changer would be something like the lytro combined with a phone.

seven and a half years ago

My wife has a DSLR, but when I'm by myself my phone has complete replaced my camera. I've never been interested in photography as an art. In fact, most of my photos are just reminders for myself to do or research something cool I see. Other times when I am trying to capture something memorable, the images my phone can capture are good enough for me. I would never print something out or display it on a giant monitor, so the lower quality is fine.

However, I wouldn't be against having a bump in phone camera quality. In fact, I have long wanted a camera hardware company to put out an Android-based camera that also happens to be a phone. That's how I use my phone anyway. I will talk or text on the phone maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but I take photos far more often. If a decent point-and-shoot was used as a starting platform for a smartphone, I'd be very interested in the device.