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Sep 27, 2013

This week:

Vengeance Buzz

Music for the show provided by Reed Love.

over six years ago

hey one last comment and I do it thinking you must already know, I very much liked the vengance buzz but I was not sure if it was the right video.
Maaaaaybe you could right click on the red marker of the you tube and choose "copy video link at the current time" so the link you get is timed to where the vengance buzz starts.

over six years ago

mhhh thanks Lando but I am not sure if serious for your "good on you". It is not good man, I was pissed at Goyer. BTW fuck Goyer.

I just saw the steam controller. Finally a company is breaking a few paradigms. Whther it works or not, Gave had the balls to try. I can tell their internal Adderall diets work on projects.

Here is a note for Lando, I recently started using swiftkey with my Android for reminders and note taking. MAn it is a Breeze, I think I type faster than with a keyboard with it. If you have the chance just try it, as a writer you may find it useful. I really suggest you try Scrivener. You will not use anything else after you get used to it. It really is that good and the iPad version is coming.

"weird geek hermits" not accure, I apologize gentlemen that was a gross generalization,
I should correct myself for using the wrong nomenclature. In my humble view, here is a closer definition of each one you

Lando: Hermit Scribe Leathery Geek Weirdo
Joe: Artistic Obsessive Tech-shaman Weirdo

I hope that clarifies my views,