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Dec 16, 2006

We've got a double-sized monster for you this week as we take a listen to some tunes we think everyone should give a chance at least once. Some choices are more obscure than others, but almost all are off the beaten path for the average listener. Beyond the music, this is the likely the show with the most tangents that we've ever had. And that's saying something.


over thirteen years ago

Can I get a list of all the songs?


over thirteen years ago

Here is a list of all the songs mentioned in this episode, in case anyone wants to look them up.

There were 2 \"unofficial\" songs, Chris Cornell - Billie Jean and Beth Gibbons - Mystries

Artist: Blue Man Group
Album: Audio
Song: Klein Mandelbrot

Artist: Naked Ape
Song: Fashion Freak

Artist: Dresden Dolls
Album: A Is For Accident
Song: Coin Operated Boy

Artist: The Reverend Horton Heat
Album: Lucky 7
Song: Loco Gringos Like a Party

Artist: Edison Woods
Album: 7 principles of Leave No Trace
Song: Shirts for Pennies

Artist: Enya
Album: Watermark
Song: Na Laetha Geal M\'Ă“ige

Artist: Oumou Sangare
Album: Oumou
Song: Saa Magni

Artist: Supreme Beings Of Leisure
Album: Supreme Beings Of Leisure
Song: Never The Same

Artist: Richard Cheese
Album: Lounge Against the Machine
Song: Guerrill Radio

Artist: Bernie Leadon
Song: Hitchhiker\'s Guide to the Galaxy theme

Artist: Over the Rhine
Album: Films for Radio
Song: The World Can Wait

Artist: Catherine Wheel
Album: Ferment
Song: I Want To Touch You

Artist: Dave Brubeck
Album: Time Out
Song: Take 5

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Album: Core
Song: Sex Type Thing

Artist: Madeleine Peyroux
Album: Careless Love
Song: Between the Bars

Artist: Sasha
Album: Air Drawn Dagger
Song: Magnetic North

Artist: Orbital
Album: In Sides
Song: The Box 1 & 2

Artist: Aphex Twin
Album: Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Song: Blue Calx

Artist: u-ziq
Album: Lunatic Harness
Song: Hasty Boom Alert

Song: Doctor Who theme

This was an awesome episode, I\'m definitely going to check most of this music out.