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Mar 5, 2008

This week it was tough to categorize the show, since we covered a lot of various ground. In essence, though, we started with the idea that nothing is sacred anymore. The starting point for the show was the abominable progress on the American version of the anime classic Akira. Early details on the production have driven us both insane, as they show little regard or understanding of the source material. This started us wondering if there is any reverance for anything on this planet anymore. We're also going to post the wallpaper contest results so keep an eye out!

Here's the page of 300 gifs I had a heart attack laughing at.

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab

almost twelve years ago

Hey guys great show. My only idea for something that may make someone reread a statement in a game is something along the lines of \"Sorry my playing has been erratic, I\'ve been getting blown the last few rounds\"

As for what I think hollywood is going to vomit on next is this JJ Abrams star trek prequel. Seriously star trek is not about big action, and that\'s all this movie is gonna be.

I\'m not sure I have enough comic roots to be mad, because I am just getting into the game. But I read the watchmen like 2 months ago and recently heard about the movie. Grrr.. It\'s an awesome story but I really don\'t think they\'ll be able to do it justice on the big screen.

If anyone hasn\'t seen the images of the characters check out -

almost twelve years ago

You guys spoke of an important American work being bastardized by the Japanese. Have you guys seen this: