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Something A Little Different This Week

Apr 29, 2008

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what the schedule is looking like for this week. There won't be a regular show on Wednesday, instead I'll be helming a solo GTA IV special that will probably come out on Saturday. I need to have adequate playtime for the big game, and let's hope mine doesn't lock up as some people are reporting.

We will have a regular show next week, but in all honestly this week is GTA week for me and I want to sit back and hopefully enjoy the hell outta this game. If not, I also picked Mario Kart for the Wii just in case.

Oh yeah, we're now on Twitter! Not sure how much of the output will be worth reading, but feel free to follow us.

Have a great week!

eleven and a half years ago

Twitter? Come on guys, that shit is below the Ozone.

Twitter is just another example of the innumerable social networking permutations that exist only to gratify unconscious drones in a giant button activated, genital stimulation rewarding laboratory experiment. It\'s an evolutionary branch on the fetid MySpace tree, and it\'s even worse it because does the unthinkable: it further dumbs down the core idea and distills it to its most basic level - that of pure, unadulterated drivel and meaningless minutiae. The fact that Twitter touts the concept of such \"microblogging\" as a valued feature is a travesty.

OMG wut r u doin rite now?

Run away and don’t look back.

That said, I\'m looking forward to your thoughts on GTA 4. I sold my 360 ages ago, so I\'m stuck waiting for the eventual PC release.

eleven and a half years ago

Yes, I have often shit all over Twitter myself but I think it may be a good tool for certain things concerning the show. We don\'t plan to use it for anything personal, but if a story comes up that we find notable but not show-worthy, we can still post it and let the community here know about it.

As with anything, it\'s simply a tool. Morons will always make things into useless garbage, but that doesn\'t mean the thing loses any value. Again, I agree with you on the overwhelming use of Twitter as a way to broadcast what type of shit a user has just taken has made it an outlet for the mundane, but it still has potential and for how we\'re going to see how it works out.

As for GTA, the full review will come but based on my first few hours of gameplay I have to say that generally this is shaping up to be a very full gaming experience.

eleven and a half years ago

I absolutely agree, a tool is only as good as its user. But when the tool is covered in shit, your hand gets smelly. :)

Regardless, I take your point.

Don\'t mind me, I\'m just ranting. Whenever I see another particularly egregious example of social networking I get angry. I must not have any friends, I guess. :)