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over eight years ago

I loved Watchmen, mostly because I thought it kept the spirit of the comic story alive even with changes. I think I have Troll Hunter on my Netflix list, just haven't hit it yet.

As for Rise, I will have to give it a look because within the last few months I've seen a wide array of positive reviews popping up.

Big Dave
over eight years ago

I had to laugh, I just watched Sucker Punch last weekend, I've had it for a month or so. I'm glad I watched it before listening to this podcast, yes, I'm running a bit behind on my listening. Back to the film, I wouldn't say it was the worst I've seen this year, it was different, but I seem to be able to watch films that no one else enjoys, and enjoy them. I don't no anyone else who actually enjoyed Watchmen, I have never read the comic, but I got the story straight away. Another funny thing is, I've seen more on the shit list than the good list, but I have got a copy of the Troll Hunter to watch, a guy at work recommended that it's best watched drunk, which will be difficult as I don't drink alcohol. I may add more later, I'm only half way through this podcast,

over eight years ago

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is pretty good. It takes a while for it to get going, the ending could have been better, and it's best to ignore all the poorly written genetics technobabble, but the Rise part is done pretty well. I felt genuinely sad a few times and actually cheered once or twice, which is more than I can say for most movies I've seen.