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Big Dave (OZ)
almost ten years ago

There seems to be different standards at play here. The guy who got fire for letting another employee touch the ipad, when he should have only let them look at it, I think he may have been set up, or he had done this kind of thing before. The guy that lost the phone should be in the shit, I wonder if he reported that he lost it, before Gizmodo published or after.

I know a guy who got upset with someone at work, and drew a picture of them lying in a pool of blood with a knife sticking out of their chest, and the words ha ha ha written above them.

He\'s still got a job, and no violence actually happened.

We do have immigration issues here as well, being an island makes it more difficult for them though. Illegals crossing borders, or coasts, is not the major problem. People over staying their visas is the major issue, they arrive on a legitimate visa for 2,3,6 or whatever months, and stay for years.

What documents are enough to prove you\'re a citizen anyway? Can an illegal get a drivers license in the US?