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Feb 6, 2009

This week we decide to see what our version of a train wreck show will be like. No structure, not everyone even showing up on time, along with some sound effects that may unseat Lando's chewing as the most annoying thing in the background yet. Enjoy!

Cooter's gaming tags

cooterhatesyou (Steam & xbox live)

Lando's gaming tag

rameshacklee (Steam)

Joe's gaming tags

godhammer (Steam)
godhammer29 (PSN)

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

Dave (UK)
ten and a half years ago

Lando, you\'ve caught Joe\'s \"So...\" disease!

Got some great looks in the supermarket laughing my tits off.

Yes, John Updike is a stupid name.

ten and a half years ago

1.) The dude with spanish name who is totally NOT me: thanks.

2.) Rafael:

ten and a half years ago

woah, where can i play that browser based Quake3??
i was looking for it but only found info from 2007.

Seguro que Coota pesa un tonelado
ten and a half years ago

When are we getting 30 minutes with cooter?

ten and a half years ago

You guys risking a lot of spam friend requests on Steam... Brahmaparush is my tag - great to see you there!