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Jul 18, 2008

This week Lando and I are examining the changing terrain of internet law, where innovation and privacy are now at odds with profits and piracy. We'll be talking about the recent FISA bill passage here in the States, the larger war against piracy and even a little bit of gaming as it relates to the concept of software ownership. This time in history is shaping up to be an important one for the internet, in many ways paving the way for the what the internet and our usage of it will be.

Opening Music: "Alright" by Flower Of Cables
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

Dave (UK)
over eleven years ago

Headline in today\'s national rag...

It seems you may be right when you say look where the money is and you\'ll see regulation. I have other issues with my government but this is definitely another confirmation of my paranoia.

Does anyone know if there is any truth in the rumour that over the next two-to-four years the internet will be reduced to a \'Pay-Bundle\' set up? A system where you will subscribe to several approved sites, then pay a premium to visit other sites \"off-piste\" The talk is Canada is the first country to roll it out.

This would certainly be a kick in the jewels of free speech. I hope it\'s just an urban myth...

david rhodes
over eleven years ago

I am in no way technically minded so if I am talking nonsense then please let me know...

From what i understand, compression of information has always improved year on year; more quality for your byte.

Can we not get to a stage where we are back at dial up and with a little freeking become untraceable, bypassing the corporate coffers and empirical senate legislation?

Isn\\\'t the future retro? It worked in The Matrix...

Big Dave (OZ)
over eleven years ago

I know exactly what you mean about YouTube. I have posted 22 videos up. I recently got an E-mail saying someone had claimed partial copyright over one of my videos. Most of my stuff I have filmed myself, mostly of my cars or places I\'ve been or my cats. The one in question just happened to be of one of my cats doing something stupid, but funny. The copyright is claimed over the music I added to it, which could have just as easily been playing in the background and not added to it. Have a look and see what you think:

Fortunately the only rights they are claiming, are to advertise at the side of it and also to monitor the statistics.

david rhodes
over eleven years ago

I\'ve been thinking about the unsustainability of this golden age of internetery for a while now. Hearing you guys talk about it has just brought home how true it really is. I feel sick.

The internet is the final point of free expression for humanity.

Once it has succumbed to the feeding frenzy of the corporate and political sharks there will be no true, unfiltered source of information (however inaccurate),entertainment (however vulgar or mundane) or forum of free expression (however corrupt).

Instead we will have a marketing tool that carries viral payloads aimed at the snoop. Each step of your cyber journey will be shadowed by advertisements tailored to you specifically - or at least, whoever uses that computer the most. A 2D Minority Report.

Those that aren\'t nagging you with sales pitch will be quietly listening like an eternal, perma-recorded phone tap...

Did you just look at jeans in Gap? Better tell Levi\'s you\'re in the market for denim!

Did you just order tyres online? Better tell Ford you have a car and hey, how about some wax?

Did you just look up \'islam\' on Wikipedia? Better tell the authorities...

How long before internet traffic records serve as references for all of us? Before we are so fearful of clicking into shaded illegality that we are merciful of a limited service that gives us the online equivalent of the yellow pages, feel better programming and a sponsored news service?

When this show and others will be deemed to carry unacceptable content and banned?

The driving force is money at first. It alway is. But this finances the empowerment. As corporations force legislation through and software develops to provide evidence of crimes against copyright, adaptation is sure to follow.

Laws will be amended to go broader than they were originally intended and the means by which to pursue will be at hand.

We are already under a social study of hitherto unprecedented proportions through FaceBook and MySpace. Two sites with dubious lineage and motive.

Millions of people actually volunteering their most intimate professional, financial and EMOTIONAL details.

They even put a picture of themselves up to assist the facial recognition software - but then thats another story.

Gotta go, I can hear them in the walls again. Ssshhh....

over eleven years ago