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Nov 28, 2008

This week is a total geekfest, as we welcome a new guest to the show. Our friend Cooter is a great consumer of comics, movies and television so naturally his first time on the show is a volcanic mixture of Alan Moore, Star Trek, Batman and a wide array of other subjects. We're hoping you enjoy our new commentator (pardon the audio on his end, we're working on that) and we really want honest feedback on how you think he melds with the show. Depending on what we hear back from you, we may add him as a regular going forward so speak up and be honest. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

Dave (UK)
almost eleven years ago

Just to add to the Trek talk, when it comes to movies a general rule of thumb is odd number=bad, even number=good. This also continues into TNG. Generations=Bad First Contact=Good etc. First Contact worth it for a drunk Troi alone!

almost eleven years ago

\"There be dragons and shit...\"
~ Cooter

\"Is there really time for infection when you\'re banged from behind\"
~ Joe talkin\' about revears and how they function

Lando rocked as geek topic moderator

Dave (UK)
almost eleven years ago


My astronomical geek side was spitting somersaults at some of that Plutocratic rubbish. In lay terms, Pluto has an orbit which means for part of the time it is closer than Neptune. This was one of the reasons for reclassification. Personally I think they were clutching at straws and it was easier to kick Pluto out of the planet club than it was to let all the others in (bunch of planet-backs). Yes I think I may be one of \'them\' for who Pluto is a touchy subject but hey, I know a little bit of shit when it comes to astronomy so that\'s my thing.

Which brings me nicely onto the filling. My graphic novel knowledge pretty much comes from you guys. I always find it fascinating and in turn has opened a few doors that I periodically peer into (thank you for The BeBop, even my girlfriend loves Edward). I \"was\" looking forward to Watchmen, not sure now. It might go onto to my \"give it a look if it falls into my lap but won\'t bust a nut\" pile, alongside Chinese Democracy (WTF is up with that? Axl, FOAD for chrissakes!!) Carry on with the geek talk I love it.

Cooter, buy a decent mic. Unfortunately, for you Cooter, J&L have a distinct rapport (in this listener\'s HO) and a third is a little alien on the ear, particularly when your audio quality is comparatively diminished. Don\'t feed him to the Bantha yet...

~Life\'s hard. Death is easy. You decide...

Fieldy (0z)
almost eleven years ago

Great show. Not being a reader of comics or graphic novels I usually zone out but this week you had my full attention.

Cooter, give him a few more goes on different topics he should lay off the bongs during the show, either that or get a new mic

Where would be a good starting point to get into Star Trek?

keep it up

almost eleven years ago

Hey Oz,

Starting point for Trek, let\'s see.

I\'d advise either Next Generation or DS9. Kinda depends what you want out of it.

On Next Gen - The Good: more of the diplomatic Trek, lotta watching Picard think his way out of problems. Good use of Q, Data is a great character to watch, development of Klingon culture is very cool. Downside: Some episodes are downright stagnant. In the later seasons they did a bit too many \'monster of the week\' episodes that just dragged. But a great ending saves all.

On DS9 - The Good: some of the best writing in science fiction television period. PERIOD. You don\'t often see such a focused and honest approach to character development in TV in general, let alone science fiction. The character arcs are genuine and effective. Also, the concept of having a 4 season long war with real casualties and consequences was something very different for Trek. Couple that with the best ST captain from any of the shows and the first ST not featuring a Federation ship as the main setting, and you have classic status. The finale and general resolution of the series could not have been better. The Bad: The first and second season spend a little TOO much time with the character work, like Next Gen there are just draggy episodes. Also, a few episodes seem clearly put in for filler, where certain main characters are noticeably absent or the secondary people get too much importance and vanish after that.

AVOID Enterprise (except certain S4 episodes afterwards for some cool throwbacks) and Voyager. Complete garbage. The Original Series? It\'s for kids from the \'60s, nothin more. Have fun!

Bob Messer
almost eleven years ago

Awesome show. Cooter should stay--but maybe work on that sign off.

Seriously, I could have gone for a much, much longer conversation on The Watchmen. I loved the brief but insightful commentary on what the point of the story was.

almost eleven years ago

Not sure guys, would need to hear him discuss something other than geek-heavy content/topic. Cooter sounds like a top guy, but I honestly don\'t feel the pair of you have ever really lacked any spark as a duo.
Three\'s a crowd maybe.
Again no disrespect to Cooter intended, just constructive criticism.

Ergo Proxy
almost eleven years ago

Great show guys. Cooter fitted like a glove on his debut. You should at least have him for a few more shows to see how it goes. We need to see where he fall in the yin(Joe)/yan(Lando) spectrum. Hopefully he\'s in the middle. By the way i am suprise you guys have not picked uo FALLOUT 3 yet. It starts slow but once you get going it hold you by the balls. Most of the vaults shelters have turned into crazy experiments. One particular Vault, Vault 112 has a matrix program that you guys would be interested in. The guy running does a great mindfuck on the player. Check out this youtube video of vault 112 if you interested.