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Jun 23, 2007

This week Lando and I are going over a list of little things that just get on our nerves. No big issues, no world enders, just a simple list that carves out a piece of the annoyance pie we get served every day. Some bites are silly, some are bitter, but it's a good bet you'll agree on at least one of them. If nothing else though, remember this: don't trust little kids and Iron Man.

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


twelve and a half years ago

I agree with $9.95 of what you say. I would like to add Escort Missions. Too many games go for the escort mission level where you have to protect a character from attack. Freakin\' cutters and shooters goin\' for the digital dead weight your trying to \"protect\". Hate It. Only exception found on Fatal Frame II where you get to throw your twin in front of you and shoot the ghosts while they munch on her sweet shoulder.

twelve and a half years ago

Agreed about the first person shooter overload. As much as I like them there are far too many released in the average year. More RTS and RPG games are needed. And I don\\\'t mean first person RPGs(fucking awful Oblivion).

The biggest annoyance I\'ve had lately is the motion sensors in the mensroom at work. I\\\'ll just be sitting there doing my business when the toilet start flushing all the sudden. I put my hands under the faucet to wash them and nothing happens. I move them away from the faucet and the water comes on. Every god damn day I\\\'ve gotta go through a Three Stooges routine to wash my hands.