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Oct 24, 2007

This week Lando and I are discussing the nightmare that faces  the modern gamer, especially someone like Lando who is trying to get back into condoles after years without having one. Between hardware failures, a lack of software and the overall expense that is now necessitated by consoles doubling as computers the average person faces a tall order in selecting a platform. What happened? How did we go from the NES to this? We've got a few theories, as well as the usual criticism, so come on in and watch the fireworks.

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


over twelve years ago

Thanks for the comments, everyone. And thanks for the data on the little hats Brian. I\'ve been asking around and surprisingly alot of my Jewish friends didnt actually know the details on its reasons.

Further on consoles. My girlfriend bought a Wii for her 10 year old daughter and the three of us love playing together. It is really amazing how family orientated the Wii is. But still, there just arent enough violent games with crazy graphics. Ive started to think of the Wii as a new way to control a Gamecube, lol. Thanks again for all the comments guys. Always keep\'em coming.

over twelve years ago

word of the week: JABFIRE (around 2:37)

I\'ve been busy and unable to comment much lately. There\'s no sucking going on.

over twelve years ago

Don\'t worry the last episode was good. It just fells kind of silly to just post \"I agree with Joe.\"

Since you have already got a high end PC I would recommend not getting a console. At least not a PS3 or X360.

The PS3 is a failure. The user base is just too small for publishers to spend 20 million making a AAA exclusive title for it and make a profit. Most of the PS3 titles will have be ported just to break even. Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 will be out for PC 6-12 months after there PS3 releases. Previous titles in both series have been ported to PC so there is precedent.

Most of the good X360 games are on PC already or will be shortly. Bioshock, Gears of War, Guitar Hero 3, etc.

In fact Mass Effect is the only game coming up that I am looking forward to that is not going to PC immediately. Since its made by Bioware I\'m sure it will eventually however.

Consoles are not worth the money. Take it form a guy who spent ~$500 getting an X360 going and only turns it on every other month.

over twelve years ago

Yeah, no sucking going on. I simply haven\'t listened to the show for a while, that\'s all. My trusty aggregator has still been downloading the episodes faithfully.

To answer your question about changing something in a religion, and discounting seeding them in such a way that they dry up and disappear completely, I would try to alter the basic premise of God in any major religion, namely the view that God is an all powerful being who has placed certain demands and rules upon humanity.

What I mean by this is that I would alter the current perception of God to be more along the lines of a being who simply started it all and then created certain rules for the universe (i.e. the fundamentals of psychics etc.). This God figure then allowed things to take their course. In addition to ensuring that people view God as a disinterested and hands-off creator, I would make the religion focus on the idea of God giving us the brain power (as a result of eventually ‘creating’ over millions of years) to make our own decisions and to structure our society as we see fit without invoking arbitrary \'laws\' like the ten commandments. This hands-off idea of God would also hopefully force people to explain natural phenomenon beyond simply saying that God did it (a total cop out). This is because in the world-view of God as a disinterested initiator, it is up to humanity to discover the ‘rules’ of the universe and how they ultimately lead to the reality we all live in.

Removing the idea of God as a law maker would also hopefully provide fertile ground for the idea of human accountability. If every man is held accountable for what he believes in and he has to justify his position to the community, whether it be with regards to the structure of the universe, society or whatever, God\'s authority is no longer there to fall back upon and cannot be used to enforce stupid ideals. Granted, people are tribalistic and aggressive towards alien people and different ideas anyway, and I don\'t actually know how much of this early \'conservatism\' is due to genetics and how much is due to religious indoctrination. It’s in people’s nature to appeal to some unknown power to explain things they don’t understand, so my alteration would probably fail anyway.

Regardless, it would certainly be interesting to think of what the world would look like now if, from the beginning, people had to think about natural ways to explain the world, and they had to take it upon themselves to use their \'God-given\' intelligence to form their own society and rules. I think the sciences would be centuries ahead of where we are now if religion took this view. The same could be said for societal values – they would probably be a lot more progressive than they are currently (equality for all etc.). Of course this idea of mine would never happen, mainly because the temptation for someone to come up with an idea and then to simply say that God did it would be too great. It\'s just too easy to say whatever you like and then to justify it by invoking a divine figure that likes to meddle in human affairs and has a taste for retribution. Fear and all that.

So, my idea applies to almost any religion. All you have to do is change the underlying premise that God actually cares about humanity and has rules for us to follow. This would force us to figure things out for ourselves and might prevent people from suppressing the ideas they don’t like on purely religious grounds and for no rational reason. Easier said than done of course.

If it isn’t obvious by now I think God should be totally done away with, but if you absolutely must have him, I think the most useful view is that he set the universe in motion and decided to leave it the hell alone. Or, if he’s still around looking at the evolution of his creation, a truly omnipotent and omniscient God would (in my opinion) probably much prefer a hands-off approach and would want to see what human consciousness and reason is going to do next. After all, the God we have now (or at least the Christian god) seems to be very much the narcissistic arsehole, what with demanding all the worship and obedience and all.

In terms of console gaming, I too can’t stand the trend towards ‘media centres’. I already have a fucking computer thank you!

I just want a stable platform that reliably plays games and removes the problem of worrying about system requirements. That is what a games console should be.

About which console to actually buy if you’re still in the market, you guys summed it up fairly well when you said that the Wii is for a certain type of gaming style, the PS3 has no worthwhile titles available, and the Xbox 360 has heat issues. I actually think the Xbox 360 is the best buy because it has a large catalogue of games and has an excellent online component (I don’t think the yearly fee is that bad when you take into account the network stability and the consistent improvements to the system).

I did, however, sell my Xbox and Xbox 360 because I never played them. I found that I didn’t have good reason to, especially when I could play most of the same games on my computer with a better interface. Plus as discussed earlier, consoles are pretty much computers anyway, and so I can swallow the system requirements and the upgrade nightmares that go along with the PC platform if only for the simplicity of using one gaming machine. Playing online over the computer is easier and more fleshed-out anyway, at least in my opinion.

over twelve years ago

Also, I\'m liking the new (or is it? ;)) practice of having a half hour talk about random bullshit before getting to the main topic. I almost enjoy the preamble more than the actual show.

over twelve years ago

So.... I grew up with the atari as my first gaming console. I then moved to the SNES, Sega genesis, Playstation 1 and 2, and finally the xbox. I have been wanting to get a new console but have been really procrastinating due to the cost. I would rather get a new computer.

After listening to the show I think that I would rather buy the Wii. My first reason being the interactive play as well as the games I have looked at so far. I am not one who likes to play a lot of first person shooters. I played and finished Halo and then began Halo 2 but became very bored with it since it was just the same as HALO 1 except with better graphics and a different story. I am not impressed with graphics as a selling point.

The next reason is probably the most important one. My daughter is 7 years old and wants to play games. I do not have anything appropriate on the PS2 or X-box for a 7 year old.

Almost all of the old games for the other consoles could have been played by a 7 year old but most of the games today are either to complicated with the types of puzzles or the controls are highly technical and complex.

The Wii seems to break out of the mold of ultra graphic gore and overly hyped button mashing and dancing. Instead it falls back to the days of yesteryore when donkey Kong was miffed that the little plumber keeps getting to the princess.

I cant wait to go pick one up. should be fun. Thanks for your comments because I believe that I would have been upset with the other two consoles.

Look at it this way. If you have a small leak under the sink do you call Batman or the Green Lantern to come fix it. Hell no you call the person who has experience with plumbing and saving the princess.


Keep up the good work guys!