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over nine years ago

Pretty sad episode that reflected the society as a whole. There is a strange relationship between parents and offspring. In most cases the offspring will never love the parent as much as the parent loves their son/daughter - that is not to say the offspring doesnt love their parents and would not be there for them but just different dynamics. You just dont think they had a childhood, lived through tragedies and triumphs or had their first crush, until its too late.
About homeliness and safety nets (taxes etc) I feel in Australia there is always pressure to be an individual and to be greedy or different groups to fight other groups. I mean, I think as a society we are better than America, we still have a decent free hospital and welfare system. There was a debate on taxes to help rebuild Queensland after the floods and the people who I talked to didnt see a problem with that , the only problem was they didnt trust the government to handle and allocate the money properly. America my general conscious (Obamas Health reform etc) is you make your own future and too bad if you got sick or had a terrible upbringing, its your own doing.. Then again listening to your show, it seems somewhat media hype as Lando and you seem like pretty decent guys that believe in equity within the society.