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Benjamin Santiago
over eight years ago

I am in the midst of listening to this, but do you remember Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi? Haven't played it in a long time, probably since middle school? (middle school)

Great to remember the days when they were still exploiting the original trilogy...seems quaint almost. I don't remember if it's any good. I remember feeling like it was "okay" and that I liked the gameplay and graphics in Star Gladiator a lot more. (And I thought the Bilstein character was so badass looking before Capcom started doing those weird "naked homoerotic god" characters as their bosses.

My cousin who stays super current with video games was talking up Skyrim to my dad (who still plays WoW) and I've been thinking about playing an MMO but this star wars one seems pretty cool.

over eight years ago

Great show Joe.
There are rumors floating around that a mega 2011 review show will drop live on NEw Years eve. On behalf of all the fans I will say that I am looking forward to waking up with a hangover on January 1 and being soothed by getting my mind deep, deep, DEEEEEEP into The Ozone Nightmare.
Here's hoping Lando's had a few drinks and it gets taken to the next level (electric ave style).

Can't wait