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Christopher Rose
over eight years ago

Hi Joe,

Good 30! I don't know if you have ever heard of the English street artist Banksy? If you haven't please, please, Google some of his work! He's somewhat a legend here, like an artistic Robin Hood. His work is usually political and controversial. 'Nobody' knows who he is and he probably has loads of fines and court hearings waiting for him as graffiti is illegal.
Anyway, he made a documentary last year called 'Exit Through the Gift Shop':

This documentary was about exactly what you are talking about. What is a real artist? It follows the true story of a French obsessive compulsive who filmed and documented pretty much every minute of his entire adult life.
He followed street artists at night documenting their artwork, he traveled around the world secretly meeting street artists and filmed everything they did. Eventually, he started doing his own street art but was copying/ripping off the work of the people he followed. He became well known and started making large amount of money from the work, exhibited in galleries and then paid people to create his work because he couldn't keep up with demand.
He befriended Banksy and asked him to help make a documentary using all the footage he had taken over the years. Banksy looked at the footage and saw what he was doing (copying other peoples work and claiming it as his own), so made the documentary himself and exposed him as a fraud!

Its a great documentary and well worth the watch.

Banksy also published a book with some of his art in it. Here is the quote on the back:

Theres no way youre going to get a quote from us to use on your book cover
Metropolitan Police Spokesperson