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Sep 30, 2009

Episode 6 of the thirty here for ya. This episode: my first segment of the 'listener response' series. Enjoy!

Theme Music: "Nature Of The Experiment" by Tokyo Police Club

Big Dave (OZ)
over ten years ago

I suppose I should respond, as the show used my suggestions. I to, can hear when a TV or monitor has been left on in the house, but not which one, that may be because my eyesight is still good. I forgot that my secret power actually has a name, I am a \"Scaresmith\". It\'s like being silent, but also creepy, at the same time. Shown to best effect in this Tropfest video:

I really laughed when I saw this, the guy in the short is just like me, only much smaller and weaker, but I haven\'t met my match, yet.

I understand your enjoyment of the texture of foods, I had an uncle who lost his sense of smell, he would take twice as long to eat his meals, to enjoy the feel of the food, he\'d say, but I need the flavor and taste. So maybe I should just lose my sense of humor, or my common sense, I think I could get away with being silly for a while.

I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding forum or comment \"etiquette\". It is the anonymity, as well as the desire to make everyone change their point of view, to match your own, that causes much of the trouble. If you wouldn\'t say it to a persons face, don\'t type it, and don\'t hit enter. If you don\'t like it happening to you, don\'t do it to anyone else.

By the way, I\'m humbled you used all my suggestions. I gave you 3 in case you didn\'t like some of them, I never thought you\'d do a whole show on them. But I do wonder if maybe that\'s why somebody attempted to hijack my name.