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Dec 26, 2007

This week Lando and I are discussing a topic with two very different approaches, each of us being very familiar with one side. We're talking about the idea of buying or building a new computer, and the benefits and risks associated with going either way. Lando has a thorough history in the area of buying pre-built machines, and I have been building systems for years for not only myself but others. This isn't so much a "which route is better" discussion, but instead a study of the inherent factors that play into both choices. Because of the show length and the clear break where we switch from one topic to another, we've broken the show into 2 parts, this first one covering our standard pre-ramble and buying a pre-built computer. Enjoy the show and your holidays, whatever they may be!

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London


almost twelve years ago

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey Lando. If you\'re into Spaces for Leopard you should try DeskSpace by Otaku software. It\'s pretty cool, its a little slow for me, but usable. I\'m sure you\'re computer is faster than mine, but it is pretty cool. They also have a program called TopDesk that allows you to simulate the Expose function in Apple computers. Anyway Check it out y\'all. paaaayce.

almost twelve years ago

Alssssooo since we\'re speaking hardware/GUI customization, I should ask this here. I don\'t know if you guys have used or are into Adobe AfterEffects, but it has this cool interface where all the windows are interlocked reactively instead of all floating like Windows usually is. Do any of y\'all out there know of a program that would do something similar? I found this cool thing called AllSnap that let\'s windows snap next to each other like Trillian or WinAmp, but not reactively. Anyway, I\'ll stop blabbering. Let me know y\'all. paaaaaaaaaaayce again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

almost twelve years ago

Hey Ben, I\'m not aware of a specific app that will let you do what you\'re talking about, but one of the best places to look for something like that would be SourceForge at They have a highly active community that can probably point you in the direction of what you want if it exists. Have a great New Year!

Illusive Mind
eleven and a half years ago

I wish I listened to this podcast before Christmas. I bought a motherboard off ebay and guess what?
Not only did it malfunction, it fried one of my sticks of RAM. Humbug!