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Jul 20, 2009

40 years go today, at 20:17 UTC, one of the greatest moments in human history unfolded before a planet that was no doubt largely riveted to their radios or televisions. In a stunning example of how fear can drive innovation, the result of the Soviet-American space race came down to three men surviving a venture that spans roughly thirty times the diameter of the planet we all share.

Looking back now, there can be little doubt on how perilous and grandiose this undertaking was. From the amount of planning and coordination needed just to compute how to make the trip to our planetary dance partner to the skill and courage of the men making the actual journey, it is a story that should never fail to captivate.

In this age of technology advancing at what often seems the speed of light, it's easy to overlook what the moon landing involved. At any time public support could have faltered, as it almost did after the deaths of three astronauts during a test simulation in the Apollo 1 spacecraft. Instead of sever scares such as the Apollo 13 mission, the technology could have simply not worked. In place of the brave men who made possible the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs we might have had less capable men who would have cracked under the pressure.

The reality is that this was far beyond an American achievement, but instead speaks to the possibilities that we have within ourselves to make what many would think impossible happen. Regardless of our religions, nationalities, race, gender...we all share the commonality of being human beings on the planet Earth. Perhaps one day when that becomes what we as individuals define ourselves by first and foremost, the petty concerns with which so much suffering and hatred arise will fall away. It's a dream, no doubt. But so too was the notion of a human being standing on the Moon, and we sit 40 years beyond the realization of that goal. for that reason along, this is an important date to remember for all of us.

ten and a half years ago

You guys are really suggesting that the moon landings might have been faked? Really?

Please, tell us what \"evidence\" and \"facts\" you have to support that position.

I\'ve lost a lot of respect for some people here.

Crescendo (the real one)
ten and a half years ago

I see my imposter is back and once again failing terribly with his use of the english language.

Big Dave (UK)
ten and a half years ago

Do you guys believe this actually happened?

There is certainly strong evidence to show it was fake, I myself have my doubts.

1972 is a bloody long time ago

Your thoughts Lando?

ten and a half years ago

I was trained to make arguments.

I can see both sides of the line in this one. Difference is, I met Neil Armstrong when I was in Space Camp a very long time ago. When Neil Armstrong spoke about the moon, I could feel his genuine passion on the subject, the truth in his eyes. If he didn\'t go to the moon then he is a superb actor, superb.

Do the facts lend themselves to both arguments, of course they do. Will I take sides, I believe in Neil Armstrong but I also believe in following questions out to their conclusions. If no one is worried about the truth then let all the doors be opened for discovery. But really, the only solution is to get back to the moon, see it for ourselves. If we\'re all willing to brave the dangers to find out the truth, then that may be the only way to put the questions to bed. You hear that NASA, the line starts here. Send us up.

On the other hand, sometimes people just don\'t want to believe in the impossible becoming possible. With enough money and focus, hell, I think anything is possible. I lean toward believing, but I want to believe. I want to believe in this vast story of genius and adventure. I want to believe that these crazy bastards strapped themselves to a rocket and shot themselves at a ball of dust and mystery pacing us thousands of miles away. If tomorrow I saw conclusive evidence against, okay, I\'m ready to turn my back on what is not true. But for now, if its all questions and suspicions, I want to believe. Believe in the moon.

Big Dave (OZ)
ten and a half years ago

I just don\'t believe that NASA and the U.S. Govt could keep a conspiracy such as this a secret. It\'s just to big. Too many people would have to be involved. At the very least, the guys running the Radio telescopes over here in OZ would have to be involved, over a period of years, remember this was not a one off event, and OZ in the late 60s and early 70s was not a place that would have been open to U.S. bullshit.
What happens when someone goes back, whichever country gets there first? Imagine if they find no evidence of any landings. They would have to know that it would be found out.
Conspiracy nuts won\'t believe any evidence anyway, these days any evidence could be faked anyway.
They went, that\'s enough for me.