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Jun 26, 2009

This week Lando kicks things off with a requiem for style, something that seems to be following common sense into the deep recesses of memory. From there we talk about comic crossovers and false advertising featuring Alan Moore. I follow that up with some anger over the recent Letterman / Palin flap, one political discussion leads to another and next thing you know we're talking Twitter in Iran. Finally, we muse on whether Twitter itself is the canary in the cage labeled America. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

Dave (UK)
ten and a half years ago

Joe\'s wonderful portrayal of the American stereotype, unable to name previous VPs, had me in stitches. I really shouldn\'t listen to you guys while i\'m driving.

Big Dave (OZ)
ten and a half years ago

Don\'t start on the \"blood nuts\", remember we\'ve got wicked tempers. I was targeted when I was growing up, red hair and freckles, what can I say. For some reason the italian kids kept asking if I had freckles on my dick. This stopped when I asked them, in front of all their friends, why were they so interested in my dick. There is an Aussie comedian who grew up in a small country town, where \"rangas\" were the majority, rather than the minority, he tells the story that the few kids with brown hair were called \"shit heads\". I still giggle thinking about it. I guess you have to have red hair to find it funny.

ten and a half years ago

Very funny turnabout on the interest in penile decoration. I\'ve never gotten the whole \'red-headed stepchild\' thing myself, must be an explanation I was just never given. Ah well.

ten and a half years ago

Something is missing. Namely the actual audio file. Or are you switching to a no audio format and just providing the audience with a description of what was discussed? Is this some kind of performance art?

ten and a half years ago

R.I.P. - MJ