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Jul 21, 2007

Show 51 is the second part of our show spotlighting the individuals that have had a big hand in our creative development. After a massive trip through the literary world, we're moving into the realm of artists and then beyond with music and even a small venture into a somewhat unusual spot. This show even contains something I never thought possible: a scenario in which The Dark Knight Strikes Again would be readable. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


twelve and a half years ago

No Quarter, Kashmir, Misty Mountain Hop. Artists that embedded: Enki Bilal, Philippe Druillet, Moebius. Nice second part. Lifts my day (your night?) when I\'m freaking tired, my head is red from the sun, and the dust in the air coats my tongue. I go drink Mahou, listen to you guys yammer and enjoy....

twelve and a half years ago

Yes, yes... I\'m behind in my podcasts, but I just have to say that Gary Larson\'s \"The Pre-History to the Far Side\" is one of the BEST books I\'ve ever read! Oh, and my Far Side desk calendar makes me laugh every day.