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Dec 16, 2009

Update to come soon. Show is fine, don't panic. Concern appreciated though.

over ten years ago

Just a little post to say you guys will never walking alone, your fans are a community that will be there for you.

Dave (UK)
over ten years ago

It wasn\'t the show that was concerning me...

over ten years ago

\"Show\" is kind of like the royal We.

There\'s been some personal tragedy out here and we\'re still finding our footing in the aftermath. Joe will post on some general details when he feels he can. Till then, please sit tight and and we\'ll be back soon.

over ten years ago

Hold on there, guys - you\'re too valuable to be screwed over by fate. Remember that we love you.

Big Dave (OZ)
over ten years ago

Take your time, I would like to think your fans are patient, understanding, and loyal.