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Apr 13, 2021

Today on the 5: Documents coming out as part of the Epic versus Apple lawsuit are shedding some light on how Apple thinks. One item that has recently been making the rounds confirms that Apple could have released iMessage on Android, but didn't. The reason why is what's strange...

Apr 12, 2021

Tonight I'm joined again by Audi Sorlie, game producer, author, and contributor for Digital Foundry. In this episode we're talking Tiger Claws, 88Films, Cynthia Rothrock, and Hong Kong Legends.

Audi's Movie Remaster Wish List:

  1. Hard Target
  2. Armour of God
  3. Robo Vampire

Audi's Game Music Spotlights:

  1. YU-NO
  2. Keishi Yonao

Apr 8, 2021

Today on the 5: After the fairly successful release of Godzilla vs Kong, there is fan momentum for continuing the Monsterverse idea. If that does happen, it presents an interesting question on how to handle future...