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Mar 27, 2009

This week we're doing something a little different, as Cooter and I do the show sans Lando. We cover quite a bit of ground, starting with Ron Paul getting mighty uncomfortable with Sasha Cohen and whether ignorance is ever understandable. From there we move into some more scientific realms, starting with Cooter's ideas on clean fuel before moving into the potentially huge Wolfram Alpha project. After that, we talk another innovation that has some fantastic promise: Glasshouse. All this talk about the future and amazing technology on the horizon naturally leads to some musing on the stunning things we have with us right now. Flying cars, the commonality of touch screens, toy brain scanners...the future is now baby! Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

almost eleven years ago

For the record:
1.)I call Landy that because I have always called him that. I do find it funny that it pisses him off.
2.)I will be doing a half-hour, hopefully in the next week or so, after my personal life calms down a bit.
3.)I agree with the concept of freedom of speech as you stated, Dave (UK), but as George Carlin says, \"There are no bad words, only bad intentions,\" and my point was when examining intent in that case, it\'s clear that it was hate speech on some level. As for Queer Eye and other such programs, that use the word in a positive context, I have always felt that continuing to use a word once derogatory in a more positive context can remove the \"hateful power\" of said word, it continues to re-enforce ignorance in the ignorant.

almost eleven years ago

Joe, I misspoke. You\'ll always be my Yaddle.


almost eleven years ago

Ha! That\'s a line. \"You\'ll always be my Yaddle\". lol. Friend, Joe is the Mace Windu to my Hate Yoda. The Harley Davidson to my Marlboro Man. But, why does the Y at the end of any name make it sound so shitty. I mean Macey Windu turns a bad ass jedi knight into a r&b singer. Joey makes an other wise bas ass host sound like a Bensonhurst Italian cliche. Let\'s all refrain from throwing that Y around if possible. As for my negativity, first off, fuck yall. Otherwise, I dont think I\'m negative. Shit is fucked up, if you cant see it than you are part of the problem, buy some shades. My hope with this show has become to bring to light many things I think people should know about. Sometimes thats some nice tech and sometimes its the massive injustice of an otherwise amoral Brazil like system of governance. If i read the news and it reads like: death, murder, genocide, pop diva. murder, brutal murder, rape ect. I\'m sorry but who the hell is gonna be sunny eating that shit who isn\'t medicated in some way. Eyes open, wit armed.

Cooter is a great friend to the show and if he\'s not doing a 30 minute show its because he has not decided to do one. Patience. In other news, I will not be going away, ever. Nor will Joe, ever. We are the professors of this University and everyone else is just visiting faculty. Your defense, however, is much appreciated Crescendo.

Hate guys are fucking hysterical.

Dave (UK)
almost eleven years ago

LandO, I cringe on your behalf every time I hear that \"ee\" suffix. I\'m sure he does it \'cos it annoys you. Actually, it\'s piss funny.

As for the show, fuck ignorance, where\'s my freedom of speech? I don\'t mean hate speech either. I guess Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is unacceptable too is it? Hey, I know the difference. I\'m not ignorant, I\'m not hateful. I do take great exception to being told what I can and can\'t say? I can\'t call someone queer? Oh yeah, and heaven forbid me saying nigger unless I\'m black. I hear this week the word \"retard\" is now regarded is insulting.

Being a bit of a Dr. Paul fan I\'m actually pleased to see he\'s not superman. And Wolfram? wow! Can\'t wait. I originally thought you were going to talk about Wolfram\'s Rule 37.

Frankly, I find that completely retarded!

Great show as always guys.

Cooters Love Child
almost eleven years ago

Cooter and Joe. What a great show.

I think Landy certainly needs some time out, he\'s really turned negative with the world lately.

Cooter is the best thing to happen to the show in a while.

30 Minutes with Cooter anyone?

Crescendo (OZ) (UK) (JPN) (RUS) (YEM)
almost eleven years ago

I call shenanigans on the above two comments, but I will still proudly defend LANDO\'s honour. (Don\'t take that shit, Lando. Fuck Joey and Cootie!)

Lando isn\'t negative; he\'s simply justifiably pessimistic. Lando is my hate Yoda, and I for one will glady make the holy pilgrimage to Dagobah when summoned.

What would the show be without Lando anyway? The Nitrous Daydream? Screw that!

almost eleven years ago

\'Fuck Joey\'?