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over eight years ago

Further to Joe's issue regarding the bugs with Rage, it's my view that some unforgiveable major f*ck ups have popped up in recent big game releases.

For instance, today I forked out $109.95 (Aus) for Battlefield 3 for the 360, for which you have to install a 1.5gb HD texture pack to the internal 360 hd or else the graphics look like a PS1 game.

So I tried to install the HD texture pack and to my shock the game does not recognise the 4gb internal 360 hd as a "hd" as its technically a "flash drive" and accordingly will not install the hd texture pack.

A quick look on the net revealed that Battlefield 3 will not work if you have the new slim 360 with the 4gb hd. I was gutted.

So my alternatives were to either pay another $150 (Aus) for a 250 gb internal xbox drive to install the hd texture pack ($259 to play a game, wtf?) or play the game as low res PS1 style shooter or trade it.

So I of course traded it. I picked up Dark Souls on Ben Grundy's recommendation. 10 mins into Dark Souls review = insanely boring game, trapped, no way out, do not buy this soul destroying game.

For all the tens of millions they spend on making these games, you would think that they would try installing them on a regular system to see if they work and not just the dev machine they used to code the game.

As Joe advised, I will never buy a game unless I have checked the forums first.

Love the show guys, keep it.