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Aug 26, 2006

This week we're covering some lighter ground as we take a look at the future (or lack thereof) of the Star Trek universe. Have the weakening TV series and underwhelming recent films doomed the once golden franchise to the annals of history? Or has the time come to let the Trek faithful save the listing Enterprise?

over thirteen years ago

I just started listening to you guys again recently. I heard you when you first started doing shows, but I missed out on about all of last summer and winter up till now. Anyway I\'m catching up now. I listened to this one today. The only real thing that I disagree with you guys on is which movie was the best. I\'d put The undiscovered country first. And then The Wrath of Khan second. Simply for the fact that I consider killing off one of the main characters as a cop-out ending.

David Rhodes
twelve and a half years ago

Undiscovered country is great. Christopher Plummer hamming it up, Kim \\\"cock mad\\\" Catteral and Christian Slater popping up. You get a real sense of the era ending and a bit of whodunnit too. Khan is also great but maybe I\\\'ve seen it to many times to be impressed by anything other than Spock\\\'s death. His dignity as he dies and Kirk\\\'s desperation still move. But the best? First Contact is up there...