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agent zee
over seven years ago

Ahh operation ploughshare, one of the more mad things the American government has particular favourite was the last test, they tried a primitive version of fracking using a couple of 30kt devices to "stimulate" the freeing of natural gas from the test sites rock. It was a great idea, the only problem is people arent overly receptive to using gas on their cooker that will leave faint traces of radiation in thir kitchen!

If you want dark and scary then check out , theres a few documentaries who's names escape me at the moment but injecting people in hospitals with plutonium was a bit of a hobby for various western governments, I think the last trials ended in 1975 but during the 20-30 year run they did some horrible shit in the US and UK.

And worth mentioning as would have made dr strangelove envious , there's SLAM and Project Pluto? Thankfully it was abandoned due to the coming of ICBM's but the idea of a giant nuclear ramjet powered cruise missle is thankfully lost in the madness of the cold war.