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Mar 13, 2009

This week, we open with a wide range of subjects, from lip plumper to the PS3 to HD porn. From there I show Lando a weapon in Fallout 3 he goes all lovey over, and we each talk a bit about how we're playing that game and what we think of it . After that, we move into the power of manufactured myth on American culture. From flight jackets to nationalism, we turn our eyes on the lies we tell ourselves as individuals and nations. Also, Volkswagen Toe Rags and Space Foxes. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

almost eleven years ago

good show. pumped my lips.

Dave (UK)
almost eleven years ago

I meant to bring this up a few weeks back but the re-mention of the Alan Moore doc allows me to do so now. I heard an interview with him, and a separate interview (both on the Disinfo podcast) with the Dutch director of the film you guys saw. I think it made more sense when the director explained what he was attempting with the film. Moore came across as fairly lucid and entertatining when talking about his occultic leanings, especially his admission that he saw Constantine in a cafeteria one day (I shit you not!). Also the understated quote of the year,

\"Rorscach was never intended to be a role model.\"

Onto myth. If you believe the movies then all Englishmen are polite, bumbling, affluent, urbanites such as any film with Hugh Grant. The reality is probably somewhere between that, and the dart-throwing thugs portrayed in Green Street (that Elijah Wood film). I live about a mile from Green Street and it\'s like walking through Bangladesh. The place has a history for housing immigrants; before that it was Jews; will likely be the Poles or Romanians next. The point here is U.K. is supposed to be a great experiment in multi-culturalism. In some places it works okay, in others it fails spectacularly. There is no myth anymore, possibly due to our country having lost its identity. But hey, that\'s just one take on it, someone else from U.K. should step up and give their perspective.

Oh Lando, thank you for the heads up on the motion comic. I found a copy a couple of days back and it ticks nearly every box. The ones where it doesn\'t is where I take Joe\'s side; the guy doing both Silk Spectres was not quite on the mark. Only two chapters in so I\'ll see how it lives up to expectation.

I think that\'s quite enough rambling for now...

almost eleven years ago

German cars are all numbered . . that\'s works perfectly . . . NICE!!! (horrible, but nice!!)

almost eleven years ago

The Galactic Russian Empire is ruled by Emperor Palputine and Darth Medvader – an old joke from ru-net (the name of the “lackey” you were referring to is Dmitriy Medvedev – just one wikipedia article away and you didn’t even try to look it up! – my only complain regarding this weeks show…)

almost eleven years ago

I completely agree that the way children are taught history should change. It should be more of a general overview until they reach an age when they can understand the contextual elements of historic events. My history lesson on War in the near future would go something like this:

Alright kids, War is always fought over scarce resources and this reason is always disguised in ideological terms. The battles continues until someone surrenders. And then we call them surrender monkeys. The surrender monkeys must sign a huge apology note also disguised in ideological terms. Then whoever didn\'t surrender wins editorial approval. And that\'s war. Let\'s multiply some fractions! What\'s that little Jake you don\'t understand what \"ideological terms\" are? Just google it.

Great Show As Always.